5 Top Technophile Apps

Updated October 6, 2023

PC users who are looking for new applications to boost their productivity should find the following list of apps to be indispensable. From video playback to organizing contacts, these applications will be sure to keep technophiles engrossed for hours on end. To make things even better, all of the apps in this article can be downloaded absolutely free of charge.

Instagrille 2.0 Offers Users An Unparalleled Photo-Sharing Service

While most tech-savvy users will already be familiar with the Instagram service, which allows users to quickly and easily upload photos to a social media-style sharing service, many people are unaware of Instagram’s exciting new Instagrille app. One of the most common complaints leveled against Instagram was that up until now, there was no way to enjoy it on a desktop PC since Instagram was initially designed to be exclusively accessed by mobile devices. The Instagrille app seeks to alleviate that problem by giving users the ability to enjoy all the Instagram has to offer on a full-size computer monitor.

Instagrille can be downloaded for free from the Pokki Website.

VLC Media Player Allows Unprecedented Media Playback Options

One of the most groundbreaking apps to come along in recent years, VLC Media Player gives users the ability to organize and play video and audio files in a huge variety of formats. As most technophiles can attest to, there are literally thousands of different audio and video codecs available and each one often requires a specialized program in order to be played. VLC Media Player looks to change all that, however, as this program boasts the ability to play everything from .FLAC files to .AVI files. It can even read DVDs and Blu-Ray discs from a computer’s optical drive.

VLC Media Player can be downloaded for free at the VLC Media Player Website.

Keep Your Computer Secure With Avast Free Antivirus

In the Antivirus software market, no other program comes even remotely close to the features and level of protection that Avast Antivirus provides. Avast has had the reputation of being the undisputed king of the free antivirus apps, but now it is looking to compete with premium antivirus programs such as Norton and McAfee. With features like automated system scanning and Internet browser integration, this program will allow technophiles to sleep easy at night knowing that their system is safe from attackers.

Avast Antivirus can be downloaded free of charge from Avast’s Website.

Eliminate Pesky Popup Screens With Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Almost as important as a good antivirus program, an anti-malware app will protect a user’s computer from threats that an antivirus program can’t. One of the best features of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is that it operates in the background in a very unobtrusive manner. Once installed, users will hardly ever notice that it’s silently running in the background, safeguarding their system integrity.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware can be downloaded for free at Malwarebytes’ Website.

Play Music With Friends On Turntable.fm

Turntable.fm is the latest offering from the company that made the Last.fm music indexing site, a longtime favorite among technophiles. The Turntable.fm service looks to be to music what Instagram was to photos. Instead of just listening to music by yourself, Turntable.fm encourages users to join virtual DJ rooms where they alternate between playing their own music and listening to music that other people are playing.

This app is available through Web browsers and mobile apps at Turntable.fm’s Website.

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