5 Popular FaceBook Games You Must Play

Updated October 6, 2023

Facebook is not just a community where you can share, chat and get information, but you can also get entertainment from facebook. Mafia game was the first game played on Facebook and after that facebook has provide a lot of entertain able games to its users. I played several games on facebook during my summer holidays. I would like to share some of my favorite games that i played one facebbook, and would recommend you to try. If you love games then these games are worth playing.

5 Popular FaceBook Games

1. YoVille

yoville facebook game

If you have tried Strong Hold Crusader or Red Alert on your PC then this game will entertain you a lot. Ye will have to decorate your apartment but with limited money. The main point in this game is to plan for every thing and allocate your funds in appropriate place. It is basically a test for you to use your brain for better planning.

Play Here

2. Mafia Wars

mafia warsThis is one of the most popular game on facebook. Currently over 25 Million players are playing this game. It is a war game where there is figh between enemies and you. This is the world most popular crime game and you will enjoy this. Give a try to it.

Play Here

3. BioTronic

facebook game

A puzzle game where the icons are biotechnological. You have to complete three similar box in order to complete the mission. As you can see in the screen shot. You can control the game through mouse. I love this game, because it beautiful and very cool animations.

Play Here

4. MindJolt Games

mandjolt games

This is not a single game, but it contains different games like arcade, puzzle, sports, strategical, solo and challenging games. It can be played with computer or with any friend. I have tried some sports games it MindJolt Games, and they were really interesting games.

Try Here

5. Know It All

know it all

If you are really intelligent, then you must try this game and try your brain. I love to play these type of games because it helps in opening our mind and brain. There are different categories where you can try your brain. Select any one and start answering the questions.

Play here

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  • Netchunks

    I never really play much games at facebook but I might as well try this out. Thanks 🙂

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