How to Multitask on OnePlus Pad

Updated May 14, 2024

If you have bought the OnePlus pad but don’t know how to use it wisely then without any delay, go through this article to learn the multiple ways to multitask on it to speed up your online chores. 

Since their launch in February this year, OnePlus pads have been a hot topic among technology enthusiasts due to their several advanced features, which allow them to multitask on it. The manufacturers of OnePlus have added interesting features with Android 23 in it to make it a perfect choice for enterprises, daily use, and, last but not least, for freelancers. 

9 Ways to Multitask on OnePlus Pad

How to Multitask on OnePlus Pad

OnePlus pad has many incredible tech features that can save time and accelerate your work process by allowing you to multitask. Let’s get into the details to understand its attributes.

1. Split Screen

You have usually worked on one app at a time, and if you have to switch between the apps, you have to minimize or cancel the previous app, which has wasted many hours of your productive day. Isn’t it? 

One Plus has added a unique feature of a split screen in their pads to save your hours and let you work more in a limited time. This feature allows you to use two different apps simultaneously with a ratio of 7:5, which can accommodate more screen display. And the most amazing thing is, one Plus has added no complications; it is so simple, and you can use it easily. 

You can use the split screen feature in three different ways. Do it via the recent menu, enter it with smart sidebars, or use two-finger movement. However, the apps share similar areas on your screen. Yet you can change it by tapping on the three dots slider in the mid.  

To access the split screen through recent via the recent menu, follow these steps;

  • Open the two apps you want to use in split screen. 
  • Go to the home screen by pressing the home button.
  • Press the overview button. 
  • Drag the app you want to use to the top of the screen.
  • Press the three-dotted vertical lines. 
Split Screen
  • The split screen will be enabled. 
  • Select the second app and navigate the slider to adjust the window. Now the two apps will appear on the two sides. 
  • You can drag the slider to the bottom to get the full screen again. 

2. Hide Recent apps

Whether you want to maintain your privacy or don’t bear the cluttered taskbar, you can use the feature of hiding recent apps. The clean taskbar is so satisfying and also looks so clean. 

One Plus implements a limitation on hiding recent apps. You can only hide up to six apps. Six may look less, but your dock will look more assembled and uncluttered when you hide the six apps. 

You can hide apps through the following steps;

  • Go to the quick settings
  • Find the button on the home screen and lock screen
  • Click on the taskbar
  • Toggle off the show’s recent apps and suggested apps. 

3. High-Resolution Visuals in Split Screen:

When we watch visual content, its resolution and quality matter to us. But imagine if the quality gets compromised in split-screen features, our excitement will also be compromised. One Plus has added a new exciting feature to preserve the high resolution of the pictures and videos. 

To witness the high-resolution images in even split screen, follow these instructions;

  • Tap on the Setting button.
  • Look for the display and brightness buttons.
  • Keep scrolling until you find an image sharpener and video color enhancer.
  • Turn the toggle on; remember, it can affect your battery life. 

4. Via Quick Settings

It allows you to change the setting in less than a minute. When you open the quick settings bar, you will see many toggles which can be on and off within seconds. 

To get access to the quick settings, you have to follow these steps;

  1. On the home screen, swipe down with two fingers or swipe twice with one finger on the arrow icon on the top right of the notification bar.
  2. The layout of various toggles appears. Tap on any toggle you want to alter. 

5. App Switching Gesture

Since OnePlus allows you to use many apps simultaneously, it also gives you an app-switching gesture from which you switch to multiple apps simultaneously. You can enable and use it by following these easy steps;

  • On the home screen, swipe up from the bottom until the mid of the screen. You will see an app switcher here. 
  • From here, click on the app you want to use and enjoy app switching. 

If the app switcher doesn’t appear, it may not be enabled from the main settings. You can do it via these steps;

  • Go to the setting and look for the buttons and gestures option. Tap on it. 
  • Find the gestures option
  • From here, you can enable the app switcher gesture. 

6. Floating Windows

Another feature of buying a OnePlus pad is the flexible and floating windows. The split screen allows you to use two apps simultaneously, but this window feature will let you use up to three apps simultaneously. It is a crazy feature of the OnePlus pad. 

You can work on one app at a window on one side of your pad, and at some time, you can open another two. For example, do your tasks in two halves and enjoy refreshing content on the other window. The usage of three different apps at a single time will allow you to multitask and increase your workflow.

You can enter floating windows in three different and easy ways. The first way is to use the smart sidebar, the second from recent screens, and the third from the easy swipe-up.

follow these steps to enter the floating windows via the smart sidebar

  •  Go to the recent menu and press the vertical line of three dots on the app you are going to use in floating windows 
Floating Windows OnePlus Pad
  •  Now open the sidebar and click on the app. It will appear on the floating window.

7. Gesture Navigation Shortcuts

OnePlus has come up with a great gesture feature. You can use hand features to start different features on your pad. One of the features which simple hand gestures can use is a split screen which we have discussed earlier.  

The navigation with hand gestures is activated by default, but if you would not do it, change the setting in the split screen options.  

Follow this hand gesture to get the split screen;

  • Go to the home screen from any app.
  • Swipe from the bottom, and you will see a recent app bar.
  • You can move into it and look for the desired app. Click on it and use it.
  • Swipe inward from any corner to exit. 

8. App Pairs

One of the characteristic features of the One Plus, which helps in multitasking, is the app pairing. You can pair up apps and save them to get back to them easily without wasting much time. You can do it by following simple steps;

  1. Open the app you want to add in  the second step, you have two options;
  • Either swipe from the bottom of the screen to get the app drawer. 
  • Or open the recent apps section to access the app  here, you can select the other app of the pair. 
  1. Now click on the app pair option and adjust the split screen ratio
  1. Tap done. You have successfully paired up the apps. 
  1. To use it next time, you have to go to the app pair section and on the already saved pairs. 

9. One-handed Mode

OnePlus brings a one-handed mode, which lets you use it comfortably like a cell phone by reducing the screen display. However, due to the bigger pad size, some may feel difficulty using it. You can enable this ‘One handed Modes feature via the following steps;

  • Open the quick settings panel or notification column. 
  • Scroll down on the quick settings panel and find the one-handed mode. 
  • Once you tap on it, the screen display will be reduced. 
  • Now you can use it with one hand.
  • You can get out of it by tapping on the full-screen icon.   


Without any doubt the OnePlus pad is one of the best choices of Android pad available in the market as it can speed up your tasks. However, since many features are in it by default, some users have complained about the speed and hanging issues when enabling split screen and floating windows options.  


How can I multitask on the OnePlus pad?

There are many exciting features built into OnePlus pads. You can use these features to gear up the task’s speed. We have written nine different ways of multitasking with it in the article. You can go through it to learn it in detail.

What is the easiest way to get the split screen in the OnePlus pad?

While there are three different ways to get the split screen, screen Splitting with two-finger movement is the easiest. You can do it by moving your fingers in the middle of the pad.

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