3 Ways to Build a Mobile Website in a Few Minutes!

Updated October 6, 2023

Mobile technology expands the internet’s availability from our desktops. However, our small screen and the lack of a physical keyboard and mouse have introduced the challenge of our existing websites’ readability and usability. With more than 5 billion phones in the world, and still increasing, there’s no denying that a mobile website is important in showing our contents as clearly as we can despite the challenges of mobile devices.

There are plenty of ways to optimize your website for mobile viewing, each of which is paid or free and different in ease of use. We have listed the different methods of building your mobile website in a matter of minutes or less.

create a mobile website

Free Mobile Website Making Apps

There are free applications available in the internet that builds a mobile version of your website. If you have a WordPress website, they have a plug-in that can build your mobile website in a few minutes. Another free service is Onbile which takes around 10 to 20 minutes for setup. For these examples, expect customization to be basic since these are free services.

For a free website conversion to mobile service, Go Mo by Google has caught us by surprise. It offers a free premium service for a year which is usually a value of $108, offers professional templates and free web hosting and has unlimited email and phone support. The user interface for this online service cannot get easier and more professional. The amount of customizations available blows its competitions out the water. If it is your first time to get your website mobile, this is the best bet.

Paid Mobile Website Making Apps

The WordPress plug-in and Onbile have paid versions that offer more customizations than their free counterparts. bMobilized also offers “mobilization” of your website for a fee. As is, the websites created from bMobilized look a little bland but this quickly changes once you take advantage of their variety of plugins. A notable thing about this paid service is that it boasts of an excellent content analysis system than analyzes your layout, content and design and cooks up a mobile version of it in a matter of -seconds-

Code Editing

For the technologically and programming savvy, you can opt to just edit your websites coding to ensure it looks natural on mobile devices. It costs nothing and you have utmost control on how you would like your website to look like. Sure, there’s an investment in time by trial and error for browsers on different phone OSs but once you have determined the optimum coding edit that you need to include on your website, you can redo this to any other website that you have in a matter of minutes or even a few seconds.

Whichever method you decide on how to go about creating your mobile website quickly, the most important thing to keep in mind in designing how it looks like is what your users would ultimately want from it. If your website has multiple contents, you would like to highlight the most important part as your main page in your mobile site. Focus on the key features that you think your audience will want from your website. If you have pages that would require your viewer to type something, simplify it and enhance the interface to accommodate typing on a small screen. Your mobile website might be a simplification of your desktop one, but there should still be a balance between content and user interface that would ultimately optimize the usability of your page.

Author Bio:Jaskirat S Talwar is the owner of Impinge Solution. Impinge Solutions is a web design company which offers full-cycle services in areas of custom web design, web development, mobile application development, offshore web development, SEO, hosting & support in all over the Globe.

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