3 Quick Ways to Find Royalty-Free Images

Updated October 6, 2023

You’re probably more than aware that photos are what really draw in readers and persuade them to read your content after all, imageless posts look dull and boring. But bloggers can’t just simply copy and paste photos they find on a search engine. There are several photo copyright laws bloggers must abide by or they can experience many legal repercussions. One of the easiest ways by far to prevent being charged with copyright infringement is to use royalty-free images. While most royalty-free photos charge a small fee for use, there are some simple resources you can use to find royalty-free images at no cost. To learn the top 3 sources, continue reading below.

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#1. Google Photo Advanced Search

You may not be able to simply copy and paste any image that pops up on the search engine, but if it is labeled for “reuse” and you give proper credit according to the common creative license you can. That said, Google can be one of the easiest ways to find a useable and most importantly free image for your blog. All you simply need to do is go the Google Image page and on the right of the search tool button (looks like a magnifying glass) is the phrase “advanced search.” Click “advanced search.” Then type in a key word. Before you press “Google Search,” scroll down to the bottom of the page where it says “user rights” and change the option so that it reads “labeled for reuse” instead of “not filtered by license.”  When you find the image you want, go to the original source and see how the photographer would like for you to give credit to his or her work. Typically when you right click a photo “some rights reserved” will appear. Click on it and follow directions.  For example, below is photo that appeared when the key word “cat” was used.

download addons

#2. Look at Individual Sites

There are also tons of sites that offer complimentary royalty-free images. Some require you to sign up for their services (for free) like www.sxc.hu and www.depositphotos.com. Others, like Flickr.com, don’t require a log-in. While you can look at the sites individually a better option is to use everystockphoto.com. The site will look at various sources and sites and one time to help you find the image that closely matches your key word. While most are free, the site also offers some higher-quality and professional-looking photos for a small fee. Again, make sure to comply with the creative common license and attribute correctly.

#3. Download Add-Ons

Lastly, you can download extensions that are specifically designed to help you find legal-to use photos for your blog such as PhotoDropper or TinEye. The former allows bloggers to scour millions of Flickr photos without having to ever leave your blog platform. We know what you’re thinking—”what’s the big deal? I can just search Flickr myself.” Well what makes this add-on so special is that it takes care of the attribution for you. It automatically adds an appropriate link to the original source at the bottom of the photo once you upload the image to your blog. Thus the process is hassle-free and you don’t have to risk attributing it wrong. The latter service, on the other hand, actually uses reverse-image technology to find a royalty-free image for you. So for instance, if you’ve already downloaded an image but want to know the original source so you can give it proper attribution you can do so. The add-on will also help you find a higher quality version of the photo you’ve already downloaded. All you have to do is upload the photo from your desktop or paste the URL in to the add-on’s search bar and ta-da. The add-on will generate a list of all the different sources where the photo was used, including the original. Check out what popped up when we uploaded the image of another random cat.

find roylty free pics

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