3 Popular Sticker Stocks and their Uses

Updated October 6, 2023

Stickers are among the most popular attention grabbing products. They are utilized all over the world for different purposes. Due to their attribute of capturing the attention of audience, businesses use them in their advertising and marketing campaigns. The purpose of an advertising product is to draw public’s attention and custom stickers can do this brilliantly. They are in fact the least expensive and most effective advertising tools of all. The best thing about custom stickers is that they are long term solution for advertisement. Once they are placed at a certain surface, are hardly removed by someone and therefore they keep advertising for your business for long periods of time. Aside from the fact that they are highly attractive tools, the stickers are also used as great decorative products around the world. They are used commercially as well as domestically for decorations and enhancements of interiors. There are many different types of stickers, each printed with different stocks in order to meet different private or commercial requirements. Some of the most popular sticker stocks and their uses are mentioned below:

1# Paper Sticker Stock

Paper Sticker Stock

Paper stock is the most common and cheapest sticker stock. It is the simplest stock made out of paper with printable white surface on one side and an adhesive surface on the other. The stickers printed on paper stock are solid with either white or colored background. They are suitable for indoor uses because paper stock is not good for direct exposure to water or weather conditions. For durability and protection, the stickers printed on paper stock are usually coated with glossy or matte lamination. A glossy lamination gives a shinny appearance to the sticker whereas a matte lamination gives a dull and decent appearance.

2# Vinyl Sticker Stock

Vinyl is the most durable and modernized sticker stock. It is weather and water resistant naturally and does not fade off easily. The best thing about vinyl sticker stock is that it has the ability to withstand the effects of extreme weather conditions therefore making it highly useful in outdoor applications. The vinyl stickers are usually printed for advertisements. They are also greatly utilized in car decorations and customizations. The businesses place stickers on their cars for advertisement on the go. These cars work as moving billboards on the road addressing millions of drivers and people around. These stickers are very durable and long lasting unlike paper stickers. The best thing about vinyl sticker stock is that it is easy to place and easy to remove and does not leave behind any adhesive residue.

There are two types of Vinyl Stock

A# Solid Vinyl Stock

Solid Vinyl Stock

B# Clear Vinyl Stock
Clear Vinyl Stock

3# Cling Sticker Stock

Cling Sticker Stock

Static cling stock is the latest invention of the modern era. It is a special sticker stock with a magical and invisible magnetic power. Static cling sticker stock does not require any adhesive or its substitute to stick to a certain surface. Instead a cling stock uses the electro static current to stick to truly flat and glossy surfaces such as glass. They are reusable and repositionable. These special stickers do not loose their magnetic power even after years of use and repositioning. They are printed for indoor uses and are normally placed inside glass windows and doors of supermarkets and stores for inviting potential customers.

Author Bio:Mark Davis is working for printingblue.com for more than a decade and always likes to write on printing industry to share his ideas that how a businessman can improve his business while using stickers for the advertising. You may find information regarding vinyl stickers on here.

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