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Updated October 6, 2023

We rarely gift our readers, but when we do, we make sure that our readers would be excited about it. This early in the year, we have decided to excite you with five one-year subscription to Premium plans on Monitive! (Premium Subscription yearly price is $249.5). We are sure that all website owners would be happy to hear about this give-away, especially because it would aid them in providing better experience for their visitors. Not only that, but with a monitored website comes more income.

What is Monitive?

Monitive Uptime Monitoring

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Given that every online business needs a reliable website monitoring program, subscribing to Monitive would bring more than one benefit. It quickly notifies the website owner of whether the website is down in any part of the world. The subscriber can be notified through SMS, email or direct message on Twitter. Aside from informing the website owner if his site is down, Monitive also monitors the performance of the website. It measures other factors in having a good website such as the request and response times. In any website, it is of utmost importance that it is on top condition. Website testing will be done incorrectly without the proper tools, so it is a must that a website owner use software that will help increase the friendliness of his website.

While one may subscribe to Monitive’s services without paying, it might be better to avail of all the functions that it offers to prospects. Besides, paying for their service would be better because free subscription lets a subscriber use four functions instead of 22.

Having many clients would require the best website there could ever be, thus, Monitive would do what it could to help give their clients the best service they could give. This is the basic reason why one should try Monitive’s paid service. Subscribing to the Premium plan would ensure a huge discount for monitoring websites yearly, something that website owners would be contented with.

How to Participate in the Giveaway?

Use the Rafflecopter widget located at the end of the post to participate in the giveaway.

The great thing is that we are giving away five one-year Premium plans from Monitive! This gives you a chance to use all the features of Monitive without paying for it. Some benefits of using Monitive to monitor how your website is doing are as follow:

  • Detect websites’ current status from many parts of the world
  • Get instant notification right on your mobile phone when your site goes down
  • Check any of the nine types of internet services
  • Makes sure that the website is not overloaded by checking the response time of the server
  • Malware monitoring and domain expiration monitoring helps you keep an eye on problems not easy to spot or with severe consequences (such as losing your domain name)

For a chance to win a Premium plan, you only have to share this post on Twitter and Facebook. Afterwards, tell us the reason why you want and need to get one of the five Premium plans we are giving away by leaving a comment below.

The give-away ends on February 12, 2013, so be sure to get everything done by then. We ask for you to leave your email address so we could contact you right away if you have won. Also, for you to be notified quickly if you have won one of the plans, please subscribe to our RSS feeds.
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  • Aditya Nath Jha

    Been blogging since a year without any luck. I hope these guys will help me for sure!! Thanx for the opportunity Bilal!


  • Debarshi

    Great giveaway. I wish I win this. I would like to try Monitive.com’s service.

  • Boris Dzhingarov

    I am very excited I found that helpful post. I need this service for my blog that a created a couple weeks ago because I am pretty much new at this business. I think that Monitive.com will help me a lot to monitor my website.

  • Taswir Haider

    Nice post ! Thanks for the great giveaway !

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    Handy for websites to be safe and well traffic.
    Count me in.

  • Great service from Monitive. It is important that my website is always up to serve the traffic well.

  • Thank for this giveaway. I wanted to use this service to track my website beside keep my site safe and free of malware.

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