The Benefits of Corporate Security Services

Updated October 6, 2023

Security solutions are something that every corporation should be thinking about whether large or small. Corporate security is integral to keeping a corporation safe, proactive, as well as protecting all valuable information and assets – including its employees. Corporate security services, often outsourced, will benefit a business on multiple levels protecting it from everything from time theft to workplace violence and physical theft. The main functions of corporate security include:

  • Internet Security
  • Security Guards
  • Surveillance
  • Hotlines
  • Threat Risk Assessments

Keep reading to learn more about these functions and the benefits they provide to the businesses that use them.

Internet security

Internet security is a fast growing security solution since so much business is handled online today. With tools like internet security and monitoring software, businesses can not only track who is using the internet and for what purposes, but they can also protect any confidential information and documents that they may have in their possession. This will reduce the occurrences of things such as internet time theft as well as preventing security breaches within the company’s computer system.


Surveillance measures are an important part of corporate security and it exists in the forms of surveillance cameras that are strategically placed around the company’s grounds, and in the form of security personnel who monitor and protect the company grounds and its employees. This function of corporate security prevents thefts from happening within the company, as well as protects against any kind of malicious behaviour. All activity is monitored electronically and in person. Anything that is recorded through surveillance equipment can also be accessed online and from remote locations.


Hotlines are a fairly new function of corporate security that seems to be incredibly effective. Hotlines gather important organizational feedback from anonymous callers which help to monitor any occurrences or irregularities within the workplace from behind the scenes. The use of anonymous corporate hotlines helps to monitor issues such as workplace violence and harassment, financial irregularities, theft and fraud. By properly addressing these issues when they occur and making it known that behaviour is monitored will help to reduce these kinds of occurrences in the future.

Threat Risk Assessments

Some corporate security services also offer a threat risk assessment or audit to corporations who outsource their security solutions. These audits will assess the risk of threat to your company in a variety of areas based on information gathered in regards to that company’s geographic location as well as crimes against property and people in the same area. These assessments can help corporations become more proactive and choose the appropriate security measures based on the results of the audit.

All of these functions and more that are offered through corporate security services provide countless benefits to the companies that use them. On top of the benefits listed above, these services are also cost effective. Outsourcing your security services can be much cheaper than creating a home grown security solution. For example, rather than hiring security guards who you will then have to put on your company’s payroll and benefit and pension plans, etc., contracting out your security services will offer you the choice of having security guards on premise without worrying about the above costs. These costs will be the responsibility of the company who places them, and their services will be included in you initial cost with the security company.

Author Bio:- Adelaide Irene is a freelance writer with specific interests in workforce management. She also works alongside a security company SecuraGlobe.

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