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4 Top tips for building a safe and secure website


We’ve seen so many cyber attacks on ‘big’ websites in recent years that we might be consigned to think that no site is safe. In the wake of the deadly strikes on the NHS, Lloyd’s of London warned that a [...]

The eSIM and The Apple Watch 3


Well, it is now all but confirmed that the 3rd generation of the Apple Watch which is scheduled for release in September 2017 is going to have an eSIM inside. What does this new bit of technology Apple Watch mean [...]

5 Important Features You Need in A Web Host


Web hosting is a combination of complex functions and hardware features. It is important for users to understand the technical processes and performances in order to find an ideal solution for their business needs. This article will outline the 5 [...]

8 Ways to Create Strong Advertising on YouTube


The definition of social media is expanding. Once a website to watch the latest music or cat videos, YouTube is showing the power of its platform in several unexpected areas. Linking the comments section of YouTube with Google+ has made [...]

5 Animated Movies That Created History


There was a time when cinema halls played romantic and sci-fi genre movies only and there was no sign of animation, however, movies took a turn when animated movies stepped into the world of cinema. Animated movies portrayed heart-warming stories [...]

How to Choose the Right Software Development Firm?


If you’re in need of a software development firm  it means that you want to venture onto the lands of custom software. It can be quite an exciting journey from start to finish but a very difficult one if you [...]