Modern Millionaires Review – 3 Things You Need To Start A Lead Generation Agency

Updated October 6, 2023

The World Wide Web is full of online courses and gurus promising to teach you how to make money online.

Most of them are either scams or a waste of time.

Scammers usually focus on things like pyramid schemes, crypto mining, or fake investment opportunities. Then there are the ones that talk about legit methods like drop shipping or affiliate marketing but the course barely scratches the surface. You end up paying thousands of dollars for information that is easily available on the internet.

The Modern Millionaires course is different in the way that it uses a relatively lesser-known method known as lead flipping. And it sticks to the point i.e. teaching you how to generate leads and sell them to businesses. The best part about this course is that it keeps things simple. They haven’t touched upon a dozen different tactics for traffic and lead generation because they seldom work. Instead, the course focuses on the two most powerful acquisition channels i.e. Adwords and Facebook.

It sounds simple. And it is. Let’s have a look at the 3 tools that you need for starting and growing a lead generation business.

Work for Money


Adwords is unarguably the best medium when you are looking to get potential customers on your website. This is because you can target people based on their searches. In other words, you can get in front of people when they are looking for someone like you. You don’t need to do a lot of convincing because they need the product or service that you are selling.

This is why so many businesses are starting to use Adwords and all this competition is resulting in higher CPC. It is important to learn how to set up and optimize your ad campaigns because there’s a small margin of error.

The Modern Millionaires course has devised a special one-to-one method and it comes with software that will make things a lot easier. You will learn everything about keyword research, extensions, negative keywords, budgeting, and bid strategies.

Facebook Ads:

Google search ads can be quite expensive. If you are looking to work with a lower CPC and still be able to target people based on their interests and behaviors, then Facebook ads are a great option. The Modern Millionaires training gives you a comprehensive overview of everything you need to get the most out of Facebook. It will also show you how to scale and optimize FB campaigns. The module ends with a bonus tool called Ad Spy.


You can send the most targeted traffic to your website but it will not work if you are not doing anything about conversion optimization. Conversion optimization is not just about having a mobile-friendly website. You need to have a proper lead nurturing plan like sales funnel and drip campaigns. That sounds like a lot of work but you can easily get all this done with WordPress and some of those premium plugins. The Modern Millionaires course talks about lead nurturing and landing pages in detail.

Lead generation is a simple business. You can start with a very small investment because all you need is a small budget to spend on paid advertising. The course will also share the client prospecting and selling techniques so you can get a good return on your investment as soon as you start generating leads. You can start from a small niche and get into the big ones after you have become good at setting up PPC campaigns and converting this traffic into leads. Soon you’ll have it figured.