Metaverse: Why is Everyone Talking About it?

Updated October 6, 2023

The metaverse, without a doubt, is a topic that interests the business world. It promises, among other things, to completely change the way the user interacts on the internet. We are facing a phenomenon that promises to settle in our reality.

On the one hand, companies will find a new way of promoting their products in the metaverse. Let’s imagine that it advertised through objects, a service offered by companies like Camaloon, sending merchandising items in the home of its customers, with the brand’s logo stamped on it. In VR, you’ll be able to send the same items to your customer’s avatars for them to show off in the metaverse.

Besides, companies will be able to find in this type of technology the solution to the disadvantages of remote work. For example, they will be able to hold important work meetings in the metaverse, simulating a face-to-face meeting with their employees in a very effective way.

Video games have been also growing from their conception in the 60’s, up to today where mobile gaming allows us to play on our phones, and it is expected to play a huge part in the metaverse.


Origin and definition

The metaverse did not have its origin in October 2021, when Mark Zuckenberg announced the change of Facebook’s name to Meta and promised to carry out a revolution on the internet.

The metaverse concept would have already appeared in a science fiction novel, published in 1992, entitled Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. In this literary work, a pizza delivery boy in real life becomes a samurai warrior in the metaverse.

30 years have passed since the publication of the novel. The technological advances of today are not comparable to those of that decade, even though not much time has passed.

Nowadays, when we talk about the metaverse, we are referring to something much more complex than a virtual reality. It is a 3D virtual reality experienced by immersion with a view to generating sensations of touch and taste, just to mention a few, and that promises to offer us social and personal experiences very similar to those of the real world.

What can you do?

You can have your own house, decorated to taste; go to work and meet with colleagues and managers; attend a concert or a party; sightseeing and shopping, obtaining virtual and physical products. It is even said that the metaverse will have its own economy and will create a virtual currency with which these purchases can be made.

It is also possible to watch a class or meet informally with friends and others located in other geographical spaces.

They will feature casinos, of course, providing resembling to some benefits of playing bitcoin casinos where you can play without leaving your house and use your cryptocurrency as payment method. You can win big jackpots and bonuses just following a few steps to be able to play with bitcoins: Choose your wallet and deposit there some bitcoins or money to exchange, then just it will be needed to select the online casino you wish.

In short, it is about having a life parallel to the real one and a kind of virtual twin with which you can interact in different spaces.

Get a job in the metaverse

It is not yet clear if recruitment will be possible in the metaverse. This would require a lot of legal and technological security, since virtual reality can be altered.

However, we are sure that, eventually, there would be the possibility of getting a job through the metaverse, since it will be possible to attend a virtual representation of the office once you are part of the company.

Additionally, when making purchases in the metaverse, there could be hired personnel that attend to the avatars, that is, other avatars that work in the virtual store and fulfil that task. Although nothing can be said for sure.

What is certain is that, as is done today in social networks, human resources departments will investigate the behaviour of people in the metaverse. So everyone will have to handle their avatars with special care if they want to project a good image.

To make the metaverse a reality, +1000 people will be recruited in the next 5 years to realize the metaverse project, which is expected to be an evolution of the internet.

Challenges for the metaverse

Many people are critical of this new technology and way of developing social networks. It is unclear how legal and security issues will be handled. Large corporations in the sector are already dealing with threats from users themselves who show improper behaviour and violate regulations.

Censorship has been put in place as a protection mechanism for some and as unfair measures for others. It is an open and current debate. This could be increased in a virtual world where encounters will feel very real.


The metaverse is expected to launch successfully in the next few years. Hopefully it will be an advance with more benefits than drawbacks.

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