Kidgy Review – The App for Parental Control

Updated October 6, 2023

After watching a movie “A Cinderella story” on how teens met via blind chatting, your kid might want to find a mysterious stranger to share opinions with, which parents, to their mind, are literally unable to understand. In a movie this stranger appears to be a good guy with innocent intentions. And what about real life? Are parents able to intervene in time and order to protect their kids?

Fortunately, nowadays parents have an effective solution to understand and manage their kids digital life using parental control apps like Kidgy Family Assistant.

About Kidgy

Kidgy has been designed to give you more free time as well as to protect your child from online predators, cyberbullying, and other similar risks that come with using the Internet. Kidgy is a global brand that lets you control all of the online activities of your child. With this family assistant, you can optimize online activities and create mutual trust together.

How does the app work?

Before you can start tracking your kid with the app, you first need to install the family application from the Google Play store/Apple Store. Then, you will need to set up a profile for your child and one for yourself. You will start to getting the updates from the app directly to your phone.

Things you can do with Kidgy

The app allows you to do the following things:

  • With the GPS tracker, you can track the movement of your child while they are online.
  • The app allows you to build ‘geo-fences’ around various places like “home” or “school” so that you can know when your kid enters the area and when they leave.
  • If there is any app that you don’t want your kids to use, then you can also monitor the way they use a certain app as well as block them.
  • Keeping track of Internet activity is also easy. You can either track their browsing, or you can block them as well. Moreover, you can also set limits on the web.
  • You can also monitor calls and SMS even if they have been deleted instantly.
  • In the case of emergencies, your kid can inform you of their whereabouts immediately by pressing the Panic button. You will be able to know the location of your child in real time.
  • You can control who calls your kid. With the blocking option, you can block unwanted contacts.
  • Furthermore, you can create a task list for your child and watch over its completion.

More about the features

Here is an in-depth review of the features offered by Kidgy:

  • Geofencing and location tracking

With these features, you can stay informed about your child’s whereabouts at all times. You will get a peace of mind once you know that your kids are safe with the family locator feature. You can set virtual fences with the Geofencing feature and be informed when your child enters the virtual fence and when they leave it. This way, you can be sure whether kids are at the place you dropped them off or have they left the premises to go somewhere else. So when your kid’s heading to the unknown place you didn’t identify on the Kidgy map, you’ll definitely be aware of it.

  • Calls and contacts

If you try to get to know all of the online friends that your kid has, you will be able to significantly boost the relationship of trust you have with your child. With this tracking app, you get the number and names of all the people who are in contact with your kid through the cell phone they use. Moreover, you can view all the calls that had been made and the ones your kid received. Also, you can keep your kid safe by blocking unwanted contacts.

Call and Contacts Tracking
  • Messages

With the Kidgy app, you can monitor all outgoing and incoming text messages. You can even see those messages that your child might have deleted because they were scared or embarrassed to talk to you about the content. One common example is a cyber-bullying. A lot of kids keep it secret from their parents and face mental turmoil. You can view the message’s content, the time it was received, the date, etc. to ensure your kid is safe.

Kidgy Messages Tracking
  • Panic button

Apparent by the name, the Panic button functions as an alarm button on your kid’s phone so that they can contact you with just the click of one button in emergency situations. Once the panic button is clicked, the panic mode is switched on, and you are able to see the GPS position and the location trace in real time. Once your kid is safe, you can switch off the panic mode on your mobile.

Panic Button Kidgy
  • App block and app list

If you think that your child is spending too much time on social sites and YouTube instead of sleeping and reading, then the app lets you control that too. With this app, you can know the apps that your kid has and uses. You can also access the apps that are installed on their devices. The Kidgy app provides an overview of the time spent on each app so that you can decide what to limit respectively.

App Block and App List
  • Scheduler and task manager

This feature functions as a family assistant (a virtual one, though). Using this app, you can set up tasks that you want your kid to do. This helps in synchronizing the daily activities of your kids and in building trust. This is a good way to teach children how to manage their time.

As you can see, Kidgy app offers a lot of features to keep your kid safe and to form a stronger bond with them. It is easy to use and allows you to be a more ‘involved’ parent. You don’t have to be a digital guru to be on the same page with your kid. Moreover, it won’t take a lot of time to figure out how this app works, since Kidgy’s motto is “Digital kids – Digital parents”.

Exciting news: Kidgy digital family assistant is looking for a bright, successful mom/dad to become their brand ambassador. If interested, pitch their CMO at: [email protected]

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