Everything You Wanted to Know About Employee Time Clocks

Updated October 6, 2023

One of the most crucial responsibilities that your business has is to pay your employees accurately and on time. In the past, carrying out payroll was a tedious process that required the human resource staff to track employee timesheets, analyze overtime hours, or convert minutes to hours. But now, employee time clock software has revolutionized everything.

What Is Time Clock Software?

An employee clock app is a platform that records the start and end times for your hourly employees in your workplace. Relying on a specific kind of time tracking software, your workers can punch in through a time clock app for employees or on a console at the worksite.

Mostly, punch-in data will automatically integrate with your payroll software system that your HR staff utilizes to pay employees for the hours they have worked. The purpose of using time clock software is to track and document attendance to uphold payroll accuracy automatically.

Once you have this time clock software in your business, it will maximize efficiency and eliminate human errors or other types of miscalculations.

Why Use Time Clock Software?

It is a platform that helps you track your staff’s working hours. Hence, you’ll find it easy to generate invoices and prepare the payroll. Your business can also use it to measure your team performance and on-the-job productivity.

In this way, you can get better supervision of projects and individual tasks. On the other hand, your staffers can recognize the projecting points and improve work practices to make the utmost of every minute.

Easy and Flexible for Tracking Time

The right time clock software for your employees provides the users with the comfort of punching in by using their mobile devices. Hence, there may not be any need for a specific hardware device for marking the attendance.

Avert Time Theft in Your Business

Time theft is a costly and common problem many companies face. It is a condition when you pay staff members for the time they were not working, like if an employee takes a long break or is late. Moreover, time clocks, mainly biometric time clocks, reduce time theft cases because your employees should physically be in your business to punch in and out.

Per the American Payroll Association (APA), due to a single minute or a few minutes stolen here and there, employee time theft may reach an average of minimum ten minutes/employee, each day.

Boost the Productivity of Your Employees

Once you have time clock software for your employees, your staff members will have the ability to evaluate their workdays closely by contemplating every aspect, right from the time they spent on the next presentation to a 10-minute coffee break that turned into a quick conference call.

Your employees can see which activities took more time than expected and accordingly establish their work-life balance. Hence, a time tracker app gives your employees an in-depth review of their processes by underlining specific improvements needed.

Bill Clients with Ease

The employee time clock software enables you to record every billable hour so that it is easy for you to invoice your clients at the project’s end. For example, team A worked on a particular project for 20 hours this week; but team B spent 6 more hours doing intensive research and necessary revisions.

You’ll get data that shows you all the tasks involved and which team members finished each step. Various time clock apps even have invoice built-in so that you don’t need to move that data to another system or tool or manually input payable hours.

High Precision in Time Management

The cost-effectiveness and precision in an organization’s time tracking techniques will not start or end by controlling cheating and misprints by the employees. When you speak of your business that bills customers on a per-hour basis, correctness in your time reporting is pivotal for a solid business reputation.

Using a time clock app to provide your clients with down-to-the-minute reports of the time they pay your company for, you may go a long way in earning trust and making a brand.

Time Clock App is An Overall Plus for Your Business

Digitizing your time tracking systems impacts the margins by enhancing accuracy, boosting opportunities, and keeps swindlers on their toes. The right type of time clock can save much time for your supervisors, department heads, team managers, and human resource managers. Also, this way, you can reduce your overall operational costs by investing in a time clock software solution.

To sum up, an employee tracking system holds your employees answerable, but they are still in control of their workday. Your employees can assess how long it takes to finish the tasks and screen the projects to maximize efficiency. Equally, your business accumulates all the data you need to bill clients and guarantee that payroll is on-point.

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