Do You Have What It Takes to Create an Online Casino?

Updated October 6, 2023

Thinking about setting up your own casino? While it can be extremely lucrative for those who manage to create the right brand, getting to that stage can be a long and arduous process. If you are willing to take on the challenge, there are some key things you will need to have however. Here are some of the things you will need to do if you are to have what it takes to create an online casino.

Online Casino

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Casino Licences

One of the first things you will need to secure is your online casino licence. Depending on where you intend to operate, you may need a number of different licences to be able to offer your services in certain countries. For example, any casino in the UK needs to obtain a licence from the UK Gambling Commission. Licences from the Alderney Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority allow you to additionally operate on an international level.

You need a licence for a number of different reasons. Not only does it allow you to operate and attract customers for play, but it also allows you to setup working relationships with banks and other payment providers, as well as the gaming developers themselves. Furthermore, it also increases the respectability and reputation of your casino as each licence you obtain helps to establish you as a trustworthy figure.


It goes without saying that you will need some considerable capital to be able to set up your online casino. To create an impressive and long-lasting business, like this example of a successful online casino, you’re going to need money and time.

Think about potentially securing investors to help you get the money you need to not just set up the casino but maintain it too. Another solution might be for you to join an existing network. Casino networks are groups of websites who all have their own individual themes and branding but come together under the umbrella of a much wider brand.

One advantage of this is that you will get to follow a set promotional schedule. While there may be scope for you to offer your own competitions and giveaways, the big-ticket games worth thousands of pounds will all be handled by the network. You only have to let your players know about when the promotion is running and which games are included.

This is extremely advantageous for you as it allows you to offer wins that would not be possible on your own. For example, if your network runs a promotion where a player could get a share of £5000 by completing five different challenges across five games, the scope of play is spread across every site in the network. It is much more economical for you to run promotions like this than to run them on your own.

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Why choose to open a casino if you have no idea about how they operate yourself? A base knowledge of casinos is a must and your team as a whole should have a clear knowledge of how each game works; even if specific members of the team are only experts on different games.

This expertise also extends beyond the games. The house edge is where a casino makes its money, so you need to ensure that you know the ins and outs of the returns on every game you offer. The oft-quoted phrase “Knowledge is Power” is certainly true when it comes to running your own casino. Make sure you understand every aspect of your domain to the best of your abilities.

Technical Knowledge

Alongside the industry expertise comes other important areas which you cannot neglect. Online marketing will be one of the most important tools you have to use.

Your company branding will be one of the most important concepts you design when making your online casino. The UK market is pretty saturated with eye-catching and memorable casino brands, but there is always room for one more with some winning concepts behind it. If you can come up with a killer branding concept, this might be exactly what you need to push yourselves forward. Take a look at what the biggest brands in the country are up to and see if you can’t draw some inspiration from them.

Another absolute must is social media. Active social media channels are now a must for any business and there are plenty of advantages. Whether you are offering a great competition on Facebook or engaging with customers through a poll on Twitter, you should always be looking for new ways you can use your social media to expand.

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Stocking Up

Finally, what is a casino without the games? To find the best games, you will want to reach out to some of the top developers in the industry. They will be able to provide you with amazing games across a variety of different genres. At a minimum you should reach out to NetEnt, Microgaming, and Play’n Go as they are probably the most popular slot developers at this current moment. You will pay them a base fee and a percentage of the winnings you get from people playing the games in return for usage of their services.

The advantage of acquiring games from NetEnt and Play’n Go is that they also have a number of table games. This means that you can offer a great selection of slots and also offer other popular games like blackjack and roulette and therefore, you’ll be able to attract a much wider variety of players to your site.

You might also consider investing in a white label solution. This is a special kit from casino developers which gives you everything you need to start a casino website. With many advantages to the white label solution, it could prove a valuable path to some.

Setting up your own online casino will be a long a difficult road but it can be extremely rewarding to those who manage to prevail. If you are looking for a challenge, then this might be the perfect test of your skills. From obtaining a license, gathering capital and expertise and all the way to tracking down the best games for you to showcase, there is plenty for you to get started on. Why not give it a try? Find out if you have what it takes to set up an online casino now!

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