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9 Reasons why you should have a Blog for Your Business


For a person who is in this industry for quite some time now, it pains me to note how often business owners forget the importance of Internet. Most of the business owners are of the view that, for the growth [...]

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Freelance Writer?


Freelance writing has been gaining immense popularity in the recent years. With the availability of internet, several freelance writers have established themselves online. These writers usually work on a per hour or per word basis. Freelance writing is not a [...]

How to Value a Website for Sale?


Listening to a lecture on the sales of commodities or glancing through at an article in recent economic theory might leave you with the impression that valuing a product is all about numbers and statistics. Of course, the final valuation [...]

Jinni – New URL Shortener and Social Analytics Platform Launches Internationally


In order to give competition to the likes of Market Giants i.e. and TinyURL, a new URL Shortener which goes by the name of Jinni has launched on the worldwide web. Just like its competitors, Jinni caters the demands [...]

How To Come Up With Good Content Marketing Ideas – 7 Effective Tips


Entering the world of content marketing is an overwhelming experience. With all the ideas that have been created, you’ll probably feel like there is nothing of value that you can add. While there may be some truth to that, it’s [...]

What is Content Marketing and How do You Implement It?


Content marketing is essentially the exact opposite of the tired, outdated marketing methods that we have come accustomed to and religiously avoid – those annoying, in-your-face marketing methods that are obviously trying to sell you something. We have been bombarded [...]