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Bloggers Question and Answers Community

TechMaish launched a great community for bloggers where you can ask questions and get answers from the one who know the answer or have the knowledge about that particular field. It is basically a community bringing together all the bloggers to a single platform where you can share knowledge with each others.

If you have a question in your mind related to Blogging, SEO, Web Hosting, Social Media or Technology you just need to start a question and some one with knowledge will replay to your question.

Here is a screen shot of the community.


Bloggers Q&A Community Features

The registration process is damn easy, you have 4 options to get registered with this great community.

1. Facebook- Just click on the button “Connect with Facebook” and allow application to connect you through your facebook account. Enter your “Username” and that’s it. You are now registered.

2. Twitter- If you don’t want to register through Facebook, then try Twitter. Click on “Connect with Twitter” login to your twitter and chose Username. That’s it you are now register.

3. OpenID- You can also use OpenID option to register with Bloggers Q&A Community.

4. Registration Form- If you don’t want to use third party applications to register with the community just fill the form and register manually.


Promotion Oppurtunity

Relationship marketing is one of the best marketing strategy to build strong network and “Bloggers Q&A Community” is based on the same approach. Once you are involved in this great community you will find new friends, possible business opportunity and advertisement of your blog or website.

You can add your blog details in your Bio. Here is a simple bio taken from one of the registered user.


Hope this community will help all blogging community to interact with each other and help in either way. Join now and contribute to the community to make it one of the best place for newbies bloggers.

Access Here:- http://answers.techmaish.com/ This Community is discontinued.

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