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Zuckerberg: If Not Facebook, I’d Be at Microsoft

Speaking in at Stanford University, Mark Zuckerberg revealed that he had always respected Microsoft – a company founded by Bill gates who had dropped out of Harvard much like Mark himself – and that he could see himself working as an engineer for them.

Zuckerberg’s Facebook, which has been launched in 2004, has over 1 billion users and if Facebook had been declared a country, it would be the third most crowded realm after China and India. But had he not developed the popular social networking website or if the website had not taken off as it had, he probably would have worked for the software giant Microsoft – a dream company for many software engineers.

Few months ago Bill Gates had said the Mark reminded him of himself in certain ways. They both are known as friends and possess mutual admiration for each other.

It is interesting that Microsoft had wanted to recruit Zuckerberg even before he had founded Facebook and wanted to buy a program he had written called Synapse but he instead chose to get admitted in Harvard. The program he had written was capable of learning and predicts the user’s listening habits.

Mark also spoke about how he was actually in favor of placing ads on the website during its early days to earn money to pay for servers.  It has longed been thought, largely due to the movie The Social Network which has been generally based on the Facebook and the lives of its founders, that Mark had been against the idea of placing ads on the website.

Mark also said that his parents had long suspected that he would not able to finish school. It might interest some readers to know that Mark was actually a psychology major, but now, because of his interest in computing he has become a household name.

Is the world ready for the next Mark?

Is the world ready for the next Mark Zuckerberg? It certainly looks like there might be one before long.

Canada’s The Globe and Mail has published a report which stated that more and more students are looking to start a company before graduating from college. According to the report, this has much to do with the want to have a resume that stand out.

The report says that long gone are the days when starting a company while you were still in college has been considered nerdy. Now, thanks to the Mark Zuckerberg of the world who have inspired thousands of youngsters around the globe, starting a company with an original idea has become a lot cooler.  Entrepreneurship gives people freedom to run things the way they want and that is what is so appealing to young college students, the reported stated.

Apparently, a last year university student, Morgan Moe, have started a company called Stroke Link which according to her “is an application to allow stroke survivors.”  And it sure is going to look impressive on her resume during a job interview even if that wasn’t the reason she had founded the company in the first place.

Considering the number of young students who want to start their own company it shouldn’t come as a surprise if one of these students becomes the world’s next billionaire.

According to the report the students being young, don’t have too much to lose and that goes in their favor. The report quoted Christian Lasson of Canada based company Next 36 that helps young entrepreneurs start new business as saying “People well into their career risk losing their house. So it makes sense to support students – they don’t have kids and don’t have a mortgage.”

But what Mark had been a billion dollar idea and he has said that he did not know whether Facebook was going to be a hit. He had said that he had planned to work in and be around big companies and then he would come to know what kind of company to start. Luckily for him, Facebook proved to be his golden ticket. So while it is interesting to speculate from where the next young entrepreneur will emerge from it will be equally interesting to see how different their product really is.

Good news for these young entrepreneurs is that there seem to be more people and companies who are willing to invest in a new idea like never before.  In recent years a few websites have also emerged which encourages youngster to talk about their projects online and help them fund their projects such as kickstarter.com.

Who knows we might be doing a story next time about a new billionaire who says he would probably have worked for Facebook is his start-up had failed.

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    November 28, 2012, 2:02 pm

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    November 27, 2012, 9:25 pm

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