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YouTube Launches ‘AirPlay-esque’ Functionalities to Additional Devices

With YouTube’s latest upgrade having “AirPlay” like functionalities, watching videos on your additional devices in the same Wi-Fi network is a real pleasure. You can search and access any video instantly on your touchscreen device without having to scroll through billions of options. YouTube navigation is better and faster with the new functions.

The latest update connects Google TV to YouTube on Android devices, improving the functionality of the video site. Google TV is an integration of Google’s Android OS with the Google Chrome Internet browser. It has provided a common user interface that connects Internet, WebTV and televisions sites by connecting different devices on the same Wi-Fi network. The following functions of YouTube have displayed superb efficiency and speed:

  • Browsing through billions of videos on our mobile devices,
  • Searching for a particular video on your additional devices,
  • Navigating through the site and use of its various functions,
  • Remotely controlling functions like playback, scroll, skip, pause, etc.

And here’s the trump card – you can locate a video and send it to a Google TV device in the same Wi-Fi network by clicking the TV icon on your Android device.

The integration of Google TV and YouTube has enabled a number of devices to be connected to your television. Now you have the pleasure of watching the videos on a larger screen than that of your phone. Also, your friends can add to your playlist when they want to share a video directly through your mobile devices.

This handshake of YouTube and Google TV has provided a 2nd touchscreen so the two major functions of searching and playback can be carried out simultaneously. While one video is playing on you can search for another or even carry out Internet browsing on your mobile device. The two functions will not slow down or cancel each other out.

The only downside is that video streaming is not as fast as anticipated by Android users. Sometimes you may prefer to surf through the various television channels rather than wait while the video buffers in boring pauses and spurts. But considering the convenience of searching and locating a video on your smartphone or tablet and watching it on TV; the wait during buffering seems a small price to pay. Being in its early stages, at present the handshake of Google TV and YouTube sometimes seems like a not-yet-optimized but ambitious handshake.

Also, many cable operators and web content providers have not yet accepted Google TV and its better usability and video quality. So if the cable operators have blocked Google TV, those subscribers cannot enjoy the latest YouTube update of “AirPlay” like functionalities.

Despite its initial hiccups, the partnership of YouTube’s AirPlay-esque functions and Google TV has been embraced by major manufacturers of Android-based smartphones and tablets. Knowing Google, they are positive that a lot of improvements are expected in the near future so that users can have a better audio-visual experience on mobile devices in the same network. Once this upgrade is available from Google Play, the functions will be accessible by a lot more wireless devices having different operating systems.

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