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Your Ultimate Guide to Video Blogging

Video blogging is nowadays becoming more and more popular, thanks to sites like YouTube and Vimeo. YouTube being the most popular of the lot. Video blogging is also known as vlogging, vidding or vidblogging.

video blogging

As per Wikipedia

Video blogging is a form of blogging for which the medium is video, and is a form of Web television. Entries often combine embedded video or a video link with supporting text, images, and other metadata. Entries can be recorded in one take or cut into multiple parts.

You can find bloggers in every sphere of different field, but how many video bloggers have you found? That’s because video blogging is considered to be an alien task, some also think that its too complex. Here’s a good news for you, its not so. Read on this small guide to know exactly vBlogging works.

Tools Required for Video Blogging

To start video blogging all you need is a camcorder and a computer with a video editing software installed. Some examples of video editing suites are: CyberLinkPowerDirector, iMovie, Corel VideoStudio, Adobe Premier Elements, Pinnacle Studio HD, etc. These are professional suites that can help in video editing task.

Some of you may be wondering that what’s the need to edit the video? It helps when the captured video is dark, voice may be low, add effects or you want to give that professional touch to your video. These video editing suites will help you do just about anything you’re thinking of.

If you’re good at creating video tutorials of various softwares and applications, then all you need is a screen casting tool like Camtasia Studio. You need to decide what you’re good at and then proceed further.

So you’ve created an awesome video and are wondering what now. You don’t need to host the video. Upload that video to YouTube, Vimeo or similar video sites. If the video is interesting and that’s what people want to see, then view counts will increase and congratulations, you’re becoming popular. You can share this video on social networks and also embed the video in your blog. This should increase the reach and exposure of the video. The minus point of hosting the video is that it won’t reach a wide audience. People know about popular video sites like YouTube and they can search and watch your video, but if the video is just on your own website/Blog, then chances are it won’t get such views and exposure.

You can also earn from YouTube by joining their monetization program, but for that you’ll need Google Adsense account. You can get best of both worlds by first uploading the video to YouTube and second, by embedding the video to your video blog.

TechMaish Tip:- There is a plugin called vidgrabber plugin which can be used to add buld youtube videos in your blog. It is basically a youtube video grabber plugin.

Video Blogging Tips

  • Post interesting videos that people want to see
  • Be yourself – don’t copy others. You can get inspiration from others but don’t copy
  • Use a Tripod for better and non-shaky video
  • Add background music. That should make the video interesting
  • Upload the video to multiple video sites for better exposure

Who’s a Professional Video Blogger?

You can turn your hobby or interest by becoming a professional video blogger. Many authors write because they like writing and not because they are forced to write. It’s their hobby and that’s what they like. Same way if you’re the one who carries camcorder always with you, and capture that amazing moment then you have what it takes to be a video blogger. Choose a topic that you are passionate about and stick with that topic.

Turn your hobby or interest into a business. Act like a professional, post regular videos to your video blog and get going. Nothing is difficult if you try it and give your 100%.

Author Bio:- Saqib is a technology writer who writes on Android, web apps, mobile reviews and more.  He shares his tech advice, tips and tricks on Technostarry.

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