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Your Marketing Team: 3 Roles You Can not Do Without

Over the last decade or two, the increased importance of inhouse marketing teams has been astounding. Many businesses that stopped at business cards and once neglected marketing completely, started to realise that to compete, they needed to be strategic about how they communicate. And as this occurred, big businesses gradually began to create their own inhouse team of marketing and communications specialists.

Well as time has gone by, inhouse marketing has continued to develop, and if yours is a growing business, on the move and envisioning  a leadership position in your industry, it is very important you keep up with the times. And this means investing in your marketing specialists as much you invest in your front line staff.

Specifically, it means ensuring your human capital stays up to date with the latest trends – you have the right people, but more so, you have the right positions. Right now, this evolution means your team can’t do without specialists in the digital marketing field. While outsourcing your digital strategy to specialist agencies may be your best option, it is still ideal to have an inhouse digital manager to oversee those relationships and ensure your business stays on top of trending practices.

So what are the must-have new specialists you need in your marketing team?

1# Digital marketing manager

This is an obvious one, and it really is a minimum if you have a large business. Your digital marketing manager will be an expert in all things online. In addition to managing any supplier relationships, they will have the capacity to develop a specific strategy to increase your profile online, will monitor all your social media, and will manage web development and content. If you’re a small business, someone hands on is ideal as they can both strategise and implement!

2# Technician

IT teams or managers have been an integral part of many medium or large businesses for quite some time, as hardware and software systems became more complex and the need for a specialist on site was recognised. These days, IT is still looking after infrastructure – and it’s a big job. For this reason, having a member of the IT team who can ‘sometimes’ make time to work on web site development just isn’t enough – not when your website is now your shop front and first impression – it can make or break you. Over the next decade, it will become impossible not to have a dedicated IT technician, programmer or developer who doesn’t actually answer to IT, but directly reports to marketing.

3# Social media/networks manager

Yes, believe it or not, this role already exists, and is becoming a common position in many medium and large businesses. There are even university degrees that specialise in this area! Social media/networks managers will develop a separate strategy for social media that aligns with the digital marketing, traditional marketing and overarching business strategy. They will manage your presence on Facebook, and are experts in how to manage social network-based complaints and comments in a way that reflects positively on your business.

In short, the way you do business is definitely changing, so be prepared – the way you promote it will also need to change!

Author Bio: Tom Mallet is an Australian freelance writer and journalist. He writes extensively in Australia, Canada, Europe, and the US. He’s published more than 500 articles about various topics, including Business cards and Social media .

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