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Your Blog Should Be Accepting Online Payments! – You Can’t Deny it

More and more bloggers are jumping on the bandwagon of actually earning money for their words. For quite a while, bloggers were associated with eating some granola, baring their souls, passing time by sharing insights with the masses, and just kind of kicking back and enjoying writing. Not anymore.

Now, people are actually cashing in, and they are doing so in a big way. If this really could be your passion and it would complement your lifestyle, you might be closer to making a living at this blogging thing than you think!

Consider two important questions:

1. How are bloggers actually making money?

CPC (Costs per Click)

There are actually quite a few ways. AdSense is one of the more well-known set-ups for making some dough. Every time someone clicks on an ad that comes up next to your blog, you rack in a few cents. It adds up!

Here’s how it works:

If you are writing a blog about the ever-dreaded SATs that your son or daughter is prepping for, AdSense will pick a few ads that match well to your prose. Maybe there will be an ad for an SAT prep book sold at Barnes and Noble or some lovely vocabulary flashcards that your reader could force their kid to digest with their morning cereal.

Check out this math equation:

You provide the blog + AdSense provides the ads = Money in your pocket when your reader clicks the ad.

How cool is that?

The math adds up!

Affiliate Sales

You scratch mine; I’ll scratch yours: This old adage proves true with various affiliate sales programs like Amazon’s affiliate program, LinkShare, FlexOffers, Commission Junction, ShareASale, and E-junkie. Let’s say, for example, that an organization you’re connected with sells furniture. In your blog, if you mention or refer customers to the furniture store, you can collect some green based on that “affiliate sale.” Makes sense, doesn’t it? And back scratches feel good, so what’s to lose?

2. Why should a blogger accept online payment?

Ok, so you’re set to collect some money by sharing the words that fly out of your fingers. At the same time that you’re getting up and running for that, you need to start accepting online payment. Now is the time to start using PayPal or a merchant account to process debit, credit, or mobile payments.

Quite simply, it makes life easier and more efficient for all parties involved, and of course, you get your money quicker as a result.

home office
Best home office … ever!

Think about it. Your office is anywhere your laptop can be. Having Wi-Fi isn’t even always necessary; you can find that when you need to do a bit of research or linking. Bring on the stream, pond, lake, ocean, beach, green grass, ski chalet, deck, bed, hotel room, airport, man cave, girl cave, broom closet, or couch. It won’t hurt if you have some granola handy either. You’ll need some energy to collect some online funds, after all. Give it a shot, and write on, folks!

Valerie J. Wilson is a freelance writer who may or may not like eating granola while she sits next to the shores of Crystal Lake in Enfield, NH. She is known to be a writing machine when she is planted in her favorite Adirondack chair. Checkout her site http://payments.intuit.com

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