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Your 9 Step Solution to Ecommerce Shipping and Fulfillment

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In the process of selling products to your customers, you cross different bridges with immense hard work and patience. These include sending across emails, packaging, sourcing products from the right place, writing relevant product descriptions and click the best quality images. Thus, shipping being a representation and physical proof of what you’ve been doing until now becomes a critical process for your business. Moreover, if not completed with meticulous attention, this can lead to a loss of clients and also leave a wrong impression on your buyers. As most shoppers want their products shipped within a day of ordering, shipping is even more essential to any ecommerce business.  To know what is the best method to ship and fulfill orders, continue to the next section.

1) Finalize your shipping software or partner

The trend today is using a shipping software to manage all your shipping and fulfillment needs. Using software like Shiprocket, you can choose from various courier partners and ship at much cheaper rates. You can also manage your inventory and sync orders from multiple channels.

2) Define your Shipping Strategy

First and foremost, it is necessary to decide upon a viable shipping strategy. Yes! Without this, it is challenging to process the final shipping costs, kind of offers you want to offer, how you ship the products and other similar decisions. These small facts will help you make more significant decisions for your shipping and help form a detailed shipping strategy for your business.

a) The shipping rates

Define your shipping rates in alignment with your courier partner. This action will help you establish the kind of shipping you want to offer and if you can afford to provide free or flat rate shipping.

b) Packaging technique

Define the packaging method you wish to adopt. This way, you can calculate the final cost of the product more quickly or even determine the average cost of the product including the packaging. This way you decrease losses and prepare you to counter overheads effectively.

c) Packaging source

Finalize the source from where you secure your packaging. Calculate expenditure and determine that in your packaging costs. You can source your products from different vendors online.

d) Weight of product

To avoid confusion, measure the volumetric weight and weight of the outcome beforehand. This way, you can easily calculate shipping costs.

e) Analyze shipping rates

To go further in determining shipping costs, you need to analyze shipping rates. These include the shipping rates offered by courier partners. There are various methods to ship products like free shipping, flat rate shipping, and current carrier rates. Thus, if you have access to flat rate shipping and low shipping costs from your courier partners, you can offer the same. Calculate the average order value and determine the shipping above the average value. This wat you can offer free shipping.

3) Finalize shipping costs

After you have set your shipping rates and methods, set your shipping costs which include your package costs and weight of products. To be sure about your shipping costs you can use a shipping rate calculator online wherein you can enter the origin and destination as well. Based on the value of shipping, calculate the total price of the product and the tight margins for each product.

4) Package your products the right way!

Packaging is a visual impression of your product and leaves a lasting impression of your brand in the minds of the customer. Thus, make sure you decide the kind of packaging you want to offer and set aside a budget for it. You can opt for budget packaging which includes simple boxes, branded packaging which can consist of boxes with brand names or customized packaging which provides for other elements like discount coupons, notes, etc. with the packaging.

5) Label your package

To make sure your product is delivered in time and to the right individual, you must label your product correctly. It must contain the sender’s address, receiver’s address and also a contact number of the sender to reach out on time and avoid any confusion. Along with this, make sure you mention the contents of the package for easier cross-checking and segregation by the courier partner. You can also include your brand’s name, logo and other details to make sure your product does not get lost.

6) Sort your fulfillment center

An adequately arranged fulfillment center is primary for fast processing of orders. If you operate from your center, always keep the bins and racks arranged and follow a standard procedure for processing each request. Distribute labor equally and supervise each department to avoid disparity and delays in order. The faster your courier partner gets an order, the quicker they will deliver it.

7) Be thorough with customs

To make sure you don’t mess any international orders, always be careful with your customs documents. You must have all the documents like IEC, CSB-V, etc. in place to prevent any hassles. Also, you must be aware of different values like De minimize to save more on shipping.

8) Choose the best courier partner

Last but not the least, Shiprocket offers you a choice you cannot deny. Choose the courier partner from a list of reputed courier partners. If you want to ship fast and are ready to spend more, you can choose a costlier option. Thus, by making an informed choice, you don’t need to commit to one carrier and also avail the benefits of seamless shipping.

9) Stay up to date with tracking

Stay updated with tracking and always be aware of the whereabouts of your product. You can provide your customer with a customization tracking page where you can provide links to different pages and also display banners of your brand. Along with this, you can provide contact to your support for any query the buyer may have.

With these steps at your disposal, you can easily follow and ship your products to individuals. Software like Shiprocket assist you with this and make sure you send your product to the right destination in due time and that too at the cheapest rates.

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