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You need a break — The apps are here to help

We all need a break, but many are bad at taking them. Start using apps to get much needed breaks regularly. With a regular smartphone, you can do so many things from your desk. Play games, meditate, dance and simply remember to get up from that chair and look out the window by using the best mobile apps!

A take a break app

Start by installing a take a break app. This is simply an app that will give you reminders of when you should stop working at the computer and stand up a little. If you take breaks every 10-20 minutes, you invest in your future health. A break doesn’t have to be more than a minute. As long as you stand up and move your body a bit, you are making a difference.

Play a game

Playing games is not just a pastime activity. A relaxing game can be a wonderful way to recharge. Puzzle games are fun for everyone and they are easy to get going with. You can even find these games for free with the option of unlocking more levels for money if you want to.

Hay Match Game


Why not take a break and meditate? The stress you feel daily is not healthy for your body. Do something about it! Use an app to help you take a break to meditate right at your desk. By focusing your attention inwards, you can experience deep relaxation even in a short time.

Dance away your troubles

Dancing is very healthy and a lot of fun. You can use an app that will give you instructions so that you start dancing. You don’t have to be talented or know steps in advance. Just listen to the instructions and enjoy the music. If you feel a bit embarrassed to dance in front of others, this type of break might be best to take behind a closed door or at home when no one else is watching!

Apps that can help

Count your steps app

Are you moving enough? You can use special apps that are made to monitor your steps and how frequent you move. This can help you realize that you need more breaks. By looking at your step count every now and then, you see when it is time for another break. Having an app measuring your movement might also be an incentive to take more breaks to up the count.

Entertaining apps

There are many types of apps meant to entertain you. You could choose to listen to books using your smartphone. This will also help you take more breaks from work. Listening to music while taking a walk is also a nice activity that will bring you more energy and inspiration.

Communicate with friends and family

Use smart communication apps like Whatsapp to connect with those you love the most. When you have new messages, you will have to take a break to listen to or read them. Communicative apps are important and they will fill your day with more joy as you stay in touch with people who know how to make you laugh.

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