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Yandex is Default Windows Phone, Why Not BING?

Yandex, the most popular search engine in Russia, has won the race against Bing to become the default search engine in the Windows Phone released earlier this year in the country! Apparently, it might have come as a surprise but as you delve deeper into this enigma, it will become clear why Yandex was preferred. The same has also been done by Nokia for its Lumia 800 and 710 smartphones and by Samsung for its Omnia W. Hence, it is not just Microsoft that Yandex has struck a deal with, but Nokia, Samsung and HTC in Russia too.

Yandex is The Default Search Engine Because

  • The problem with Windows Phone has been the tough competition offered by the iPhones and Androids world over. Hence, to gain attraction and a boost in the sales in Russia, they decided to add in some local element instead of the foreign one (Bing). By employing Yadex, Windows Phone will have a lot of familiarity for the Russians, two-third of whom use that very search engine, according to the latest statistics. Hence, they have played it safe by trying to win over the sentimentality of the Russians so they can gain a stronghold in the mobile operating market.
  • Yandex has also developed its applications for local maps and the local market. On the other hand, street names and other places’ names in Bing Maps are not even given in the Russian language but only in English.
  • Furthermore, it also gives no information whatsoever on the traffic in cities while Yandex fulfills this requirement.
  • Bing does not even provide very good services in Russia as might be the case in the United States or United Kingdom for instance. Thus, despite Bing’s popularity worldwide, Yandex is a much better option for Russia.
  • There are also several services that Bing provides in America but not in Russia. For instance, Bing Local Scout, Bing Vision, etc. are all different applications that do not have any base in Russia and are not available there either. Yandex on the other hand, has a lot of applications that the Russian audience is already familiar with.
  •  Also, there are meager 1% users of Bing in Russia as opposed to almost 60% users of Yandex.

The higher ups at Yandex are very happy with the progress and are ecstatic at being associated with the latest mobile operating system, Windows Phone. They also hope and strive to achieve the same kind of integration with Windows Phone as the latter has with Bing. The Russian market being a huge one, Windows Phone, not really doing well otherwise, has a great opportunity to make it big here. Hence, by making even this little change they have not already attracted a whole lot of attention but also made using this new technology very convenient. The Russian users will now be able to better associate with phone. Thus, this strategy of Microsoft will hopefully prove to be an excellent one!

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