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Xbox 360: Its Benefits to Users after Its Skydive Launch

Since its launch in 2005, the Xbox 360 has evolved from a dynamic game console to an all-around home entertainment system. With Xbox 360’s built-in Wi-Fi and the Kinect controller-free experience, more and more people find themselves lusting over this product.

Now that the Skydive launch has commenced, experts see a brighter future for the worthy Xbox successor. If you’re still thinking twice whether or not this is the best console for your needs, here’s a lowdown as to why it’s a useful and beneficial device for many purposes.

What’s in the Xbox 360?

As for gaming, the console features Xbox Live gold membership, wireless controllers, and a composite A/V cable. With regard to fun and entertainment, the Xbox 360 has built in Wi-Fi and Xbox live that allows you to stream HD movies and shows in just a few moments.

The Xbox 360 comes in several consoles, depending on the user’s needs. Available models are the 250GB Console, and 4GB Console. The 4GB console with Kinect features the motion-sensor technology that allows the users to physically interact with the game.

The Many Uses of the Xbox 360

As the Xbox 360 was invented for the purpose of gaming, it remains to be its primary purpose. Its Halo and Gears of War exclusives make it appealing to many diehard gamers out there.With the addition of technological innovations here and there, the Xbox 360 has transcended to the realms of music (streaming and downloading), movies and online TV (live and on-demand TV programming), fitness (Get Up and Get Active games), and sports (personalized game control.)

Advantages of Having an Xbox 360

With the tough console competition out there, some consumers find it hard to choose between the Xbox 360 and the other options out there. To help you decide, here the several advantages of having an Xbox 360 to your name.

  • It keeps you fit. Its Kinect technology pulls you out of your couch and makes you move the muscles you have not used in quite a while. Xbox 360 allows you to have fun with your friends as you shed the excess pounds.
  • You can surf the net. With this console, you don’t have to use a PC anymore. You can surf the net, download files and stream shows just by using your Xbox 360.
  • You can play music and videos from your other devices. If you have media stored in your iPod, iPad, iPhone or other gadgets, you can play their files easily by plugging it into your Xbox 360.
  • It enables you to share media. If you want to move your files to your other Windows-operated computer, you don’t have to insert a flash disk, copy the files and insert the disk again to the other computer. With the Xbox 360, you can move your files around with the use of Windows Media Center and other online media servers.

With its numerous benefits, Xbox 360 is definitely the best choice over other consoles. Given its ability to surf the net, play videos and keep you on your feet, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have a console or two in your home.

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