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How Article Writing Helps to Make Money for Bloggers, Freelancers and SEO?

The simplest starting point with writing is article writing. It requires limited skill in terms of language, and does require the ability to research a topic, which is a fairly rudimentary skill for those of us who are glued to the internet for days on end: Simply fire up Google, find information for the topic at hand (short of military secrets, I would be hard-pressed to find a topic about which excellent and comprehensive information is not freely available on the internet), make notes, paraphrase and put things together in your own style.

Do Not Make Grammar Mistakes

All you need is a good sense of grammar and flow. Simply read enough well-written articles (newspapers, established magazines and blogs, and books are all good starting points) to get the hang of how good writing feels if English isn’t your native language. It isn’t my native language – but I’ve been told by my readers and clients that they cannot make that out from my writing (although my name is a bit of a giveaway). So – if I can do it – I am sure anyone can. Spend your leisure time reading good fiction – keep yourself entertained and get a sense of good language under your skin as well!

Enhance Traffic with Article Marketing

Since article marketing is a popular way to increase visibility and traffic, marketers and other webmasters are always looking for good content that holds together and makes sense. Look at the next chapter to find out where you can find these buyers.

When you are ready to take your writing to the next level, you should look at copywriting. This involves writing in a way that sells, and is a fairly intricate art. Here are a number of free resources that will help you learn the early nuances, and that should be enough to get you started with selling your services, and then, this is an art that you keep learning from life, from more and more resources (paid courses, live training, and webinars) and more importantly, your own experiences!

Here is a free guide to get you started:

Hanging around at copywriting forums helps a great deal, and don’t be afraid to take up practice gigs, or throw your samples around for criticism. Learning by practice by far outdoes learning in theory (the latter is useful, but only when mingled with your own trials). Also read blogs of fellow copywriters and get on their lists – I’ve come across invaluable real-world lessons and tips that way.

Writing fiction or non-fiction for main stream publishing houses is the ultimate (and the most traditional) form of earning by writing.

Author Bio:- Charles West is a professional content writer and blogger since last 2 years. I have writing expertise in technology and certification topics specially. I love to share that recently I passed my 640-878 exam from VMware. Thanks for reading.

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  • Sandeep

    July 5, 2013, 1:04 am

    Hello Bilal,
    Yes i completely agree with your post i like all point but i liked most this “Enhance Traffic with Article Marketing”. which really a very very effective point thanks 🙂 1+ google and facebook share from my side… And waiting for your next post.
    Thanks For sharing.

  • Hemanth Malli

    May 10, 2013, 6:14 pm

    Yes you are right. Present scenario the search engines wants fresh content with good vocabulary. All are not having full knowledge about English writing. So all are paying money to content writer and freelancers and gets awesome content. Its a good income to freelancers working at home and getting money.

  • Sai Krishna

    May 10, 2013, 11:27 am

    Hey Bilal, Just +1’d your article.

    I completely agree with you at this thought ” don’t be afraid to take up practice gigs, or throw your samples around for criticism”

    I look forward to join the forum and get started.

    Thanks for the great information.


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