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WP SEO-How to Optimize wordpress for better SEO

WordPress is a well optimized SEO blogging platform, but still there are some important things to know about wordpress and SEO for wordpress. I already wrote a article about things you must know after starting your wordpress blog. Make sure to read
this post.Wordpress SEO (Search Engine optimization)
Wordpress Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is different form SEO for static websites. WordPress SEO is mainly related to On Page Optimization, where you must write quality and unique contents in order to get high SERP in Google and other major search engines. Off Page optimization is also necessary but in wordpress you must concentrate on On Page optimization as compare to Off Page optimization. If you will concentrate on On Page optimization then half the work for Off Page optimization well be done it self.

What is On Page Optimization for WordPress?

On Page optimization is the same as it is for static website. But in wordpress you must do your On page optimization in a limit. If you will cross the limit, then there is a chance of google penalty. Some time, some thing may goes against you and your ranking can effect, so be carful and plane before doing On Page optimization.

What to do in On Page Optimization for WordPress?

The first thing to do is to write quality and unique article, never ever copy from some one else blog. This is very important in wordpress On Page Optimization. Some time your own content can also lead you to duplicate content issue. There are some sensitive issues with wordpress and you must not do that things, if you want to get high ranking in google and other major search engines.
So always write unique and quality articles and do not copy a single word from another blog or website. Make every article unique from another.

Internet Linking

Another important thing in On Page Optimization for wordpress is to link every article with another article. This Is what you must do for high ranking. Always link your previous article with new article. Make this a habit to link at least 3 articles in every post, but make sure to link it in such a way that only visitors can take benefit from it not you.  Strong internal linking is the key to success in long term SERP

Categorize your articles in such a way that users can easily navigate your blog. Don’t make complication for your reader. Make it easy for your readers to easily know about the structure of your blog.

Use different styles in your article. E.g Bold, italic, Underline, H3-H6 etc. It is very necessary, because google love simplicity.

Always check broken links in your blog on regularly basis. Use Broken Link Checker plugin to check and correct all the broken links. You can download Broken Link Checker for wordpress from here.

Use a good Robots.txt for your blog. If you are displaying full post in your sidebar then you are making duplicate content issue and google can penalize your blog for this. Similarly there are allot of more issues which can lead your blog to google duplicate penalty. So always use a good Robots.txt file. You can find more information about Robots.txt file in this post.

You can also  use Meta Robots Plugin to block robots for certain pages. Download Robots Meta plugin from here.
There is a plugin called WordPress Super cache which is use to speed up your blog performance and load your blog in less time. Download the plugin from here. These plugins can help in your ranking.

Another important thing in On page Optimization is Image Optimization. Always use images in your post and optimize it. Use descriptive meta tag for all the images. Google image search can send allot of free traffic to your blog. So make sure to optimize all the images.

Off Page Optimization for wordpress. (SEO)

The same rules apply for wordpress as it is for static website. Backlinkes and links to your blog from another blogs or website. But only quality and niche links. There is no need to go on depth about Off Page optimization. I thing you better know about Off Page optimization. Still I would say that concentrate on On Page Optimization as compare to Off page optimization and you will see the better result.

Follow all the steps carefully and make your wordpress blog SEO Friendly. Then you will be able to earn money from internet. Just make sure to Optimize your wordpress blog according to the standards of Search Engine Optimization.(SEO) and you will get very quick result.

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  • khurram jamil

    September 21, 2012, 11:38 am

    hy bilal i am really thanks full to you i appreacate your research on seo . i was doing many mistakes which i will not do in feature thanks alot dude.cary on with your work

  • Adil

    July 15, 2012, 3:30 pm

    It is very new and highly valued information for me as it would enable me safeguard my blog from google penalties.

    Bilal I have to ask two things. 1. tell me If a blog has moving page on its home page which shows all latest posts, so does it also count in duplicate content with the original post?

    2. Tell me about any good meta tag plugin for images. As I don’t knew about meta tag, but I am already getting traffic for images.


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