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Workfast Offers Efficient Platform To Cater To All Temporary Staff Needs

Workfast, an on-request hiring office, says that the technology it uses is able to cut costs by 30%, giving better conditions to workers. Workfast, which releases all over the nation, makes use of on-demand technology to associate laborers with working environments as well as the other way around. It fills the impermanent staffing needs of establishments that battle to discover great staff at a moment’s notice.

The organization’s CEO and fellow benefactor, Tim Nieuwenhuis said that the start-up had officially garnered $700,000 in business in its three months of operations and the platform has a 1000 laborers and 50 businesses.

He said that with Workfast, you could post your need of workers at 7:05 a.m., and afterward pick a reasonable job specialist from the individuals who are accessible and arrange the final cost for a task, based on a person’s ratings and the experience they have. The entire procedure should be possible within 15 minutes, and the hired worker could reach you by 9 a.m.

He further added that the Workfast idea resulted from need. Given he had a current business but couldn’t discover staff. Offices would simply send him anybody they had accessible. That is why he felt that he had to fabricate a suitable platform that would help businesses find the kind of staff they are looking for.

While various platforms are offering temporary workforce, Mr. Nieuwenhuis said that such platforms, for example Airtasker, served households rather than business sectors that include events, admin and hospitality.

Workers, employed through Workfast, are ensured and offer the best services. The company focuses on applying suitable safeguards to assure customer satifisfation.

According to Mr. Nieuwenhuis, casual laborers make up 23.9% of Australia’s entire workforce. The start-up is capable of handling the country’s $19 billion temp work industry.

Workfast offers two types of employees. It has contractors, who are in charge of their protection and standards of work provided to the employer, and the ones that are employees of Workfast and are secured under Fair Work Principles. It is important to note that contractors can discuss their particular pay rates for a certain job while Workfast laborers work for the provided award rates.

While most temporary staff agencies may hire workers at a rate of $50 for an hour and include an administration expense in the total cost, Workfast would provide the same services for an all-inclusive hourly rate of $35 and not charge any extra administration fee. This allows to save up to 30%.

Mr. Nieuwenhuis was enthusiastic about the organization’s future prospects, proclaiming that it could land up to a 1000 job opening posted all over the country in two years. The company just needs to continue managing software and growth along the way.

He also talked about the guarantee of all Work­fast representatives and contractual workers. The employer doesn’t need to pay if a Workfast worker or contractor isn’t right for a task. Cancellations can also be made within two hours without any fine.

The company’s definitive objective is to help diminish expenses and heighten efficiency and productivity.

The Workfast platform is available at Workfast.com.au. iOSPeople can also look forward to Android and iOS releases, coming soon.

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