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WordPress 3.0 Released- New Features Added

WordPress press has released its stable version WordPress 3.0 with added features. After hard work of 218 contributers finally wordpress has come up with a stable version which has now a very improved Dash Board and other useful features. The features that are added to the new version are listed below.

wordpress 3.0 released
  • Twenty Ten Theme (Default Theme for all new blogs)
  • New and improved Dash Board
  • New APIs that allows to implement Shortlinks, headers, backgrounds etc..
  • Multi Site Functionality
  • Lighter Interface
  • 1,217 Bug fixed
  • Bulk Plugin Upgrade (Now you can upgrade upto 15 plugins at a time)
  • Setting Username and Password during installation WP
  • Improved Custom Post Type
  • Remove Turbo Link from Admin Menu
  • Password nag for newly registered users
  • Split Right Now Widget
  • Deletion of Media Alt Text
  • Add additional Column
  • Block Comments for future posts
  • Different Style Tweaks
  • New Comment form

Allot of features has been added to this stable wordpress 3.0 version. I upgraded one of my blog and every thing is fine, there is no problem. I recommend you to upgrade your wordpress version from your Dash Board and enjoy the new looking WordPress Blog.

Download WordPress OR Upgrade from your Dash Board