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Windows vs. Linux Hosting- Which one is better for a Blog

For those who are not familiar with the terms like “window hosting” or “Linux hosting”, it is important to note that hosting OS means the operating software at the end of the hosting provider, on which your website will be hosted, regardless of the OS running on your computer. And before I tackle this question, let me clarify that there is no absolute winner; there are just preferences and priorities that define the need and requirements. And there are many factors that tip the scales in either direction, but on top of them are the perspectives of the person who is looking to host a website, and his requisites. Also remember that if you are looking to start a blog and looking for a web host, you should not make a decision solely based on OS. Apart from the OS, you might want to consider …

  1. The technical expertise of the host
  2. Budget considerations
  3. The type of scripts that you’re looking to use
  4. Customer support and technical assistance

However, in this article, we’ll only be discussing the pros and cons of two most commonly used operating software.

When to go with windows

Windows is preferable for bloggers with a slightly advanced knowledge of hosting. When one has to host Microsoft based applications, windows proves to be the better companion. Microsoft based applications are a huge deciding factor since they provide a plethora of applications such as databases and proprietary software. Talking specifically from the perspective of bloggers, depending on Microsoft hosting can prove to be a nuisance in some cases as one has to rely on their updates, which sometimes come out far and wide, and there are not many Windows based applications that you’ll be looking to use on your Blog.

When to go with Linux

Linux provides a slightly more flexible web hosting solution, especially for the newcomers, and it is also the default choice for the majority of hosts. Moreover, it is cheaper and far simpler than the Windows system. Also, because Linux is open source, one can remove the bugs and errors easily, without having to wait for a third party upgrade system. Also, Linux provides the alternatives of Windows based web applications in most cases, giving it a further edge over Windows.

So what should you choose for your Blog?

It is important to note that none of these two OS have unassailable advantage over the other; it is mostly a matter of choice. In most cased Windows hosting is a tad expensive since it is difficult to implement, and provides propriety software. Linux, despite being the cheaper option gives Window based hosting a good run for money. Also, while the Windows is easy to use for the hosting provider, as a user you will find it easier to manage a Linux based hosting space. Last but not the least; Linux is known to be a more secure option as compared to its counterpart.

So, for all those who are looking to start a Blog, I will recommend Linux hosting. In particular if you are looking to power your blog by CMS like WordPress.

Author Bio:- Robert writes on topics related to web hosting, blogging, and Internet Marketing. He’s working for a web hosting blog that shares best web hosting tips and Web Hosting Reviews with its readers.

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  • Raj

    December 27, 2011, 8:48 am

    Nice article….. keep it up. i got nice information, Linux is better choice because of it is cheap and have nice cpanel.


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