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Windows Phone Loses Grip Over Smartphone Market

There’s no more denying it, it’s either Apple, Blackberry and Android phones that have topped the market sales lately. And where did this bring the Windows Phone? While Microsoft has established a good link with Nokia, the release of Samsung Galaxy Ace III and the HTC One Series have truly paved the way for the Android market to continue climbing up the sales ladder. In total, people at the end of the day would either pick up really smartphones – Apple, Blackberry and Android smartphones that is.

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Research statistics conducted by Nielsen last three months ago would show that 51.8 percent of U.S mobile users are owners of an Android mobile device, 34.3 percent are iPhone users and Blackberry got the remainder 8.1 percent. This left the Windows Phone with its struggling 3 percent. Sadly, this minute percentage does not speak for Windows Phone in totally at present. While Microsoft is trying to buy in all that’s left for them through its close ties with Nokia, somehow it is not enough considering that Android pushed its software in Samsung and HTC devices which, at present is now taking the 50 percent share standing in the market of mobile users.

The release of Windows Phone 7 followed by the 7.5 cannot compete with the release of Apple’s iPhone 4S and that of Blackberry’s latest unit. And now that Android is well etched in Samsung and HTC touch screen devices, even the release of Windows Phone 8 “Apollo” did not allow Windows Phone to properly make a name in the market. And why did this happen to Windows Phones again?

Consequently, while updated operating systems for mobile devices are competing in the market these days, Windows Phones remain evasive with theirs. This means that they are outpacing their very own old platforms with that of their new releases and not those of their competitors’. This leave them competing with their own line of devices rather than trying to let go of such conventionality and start selling in the real market. In a competitive technical world, where smartphones offer the duality of mobile and PC use, all you can really think of is to grab those which proves the latest, if not best.

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