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Windows 8 User Interface in Upcoming IPhone 5

Rumors are all around regarding the release date of iPhone 5. It has been in the news that Microsoft will launch its latest Windows 8 in the upcoming iPhone. Microsoft’s previous software Window 7 was not compatible with phones. The news was disclosed by Microsoft in one of their meeting held at Toronto. If this rumor gets true, then iPhone will be the first smart phone to have Windows 8 themes. This software is a hyped thing among all tech-savvy people, who are eagerly waiting about the release of iPhone 5 and Windows 8 in it. Speculations are there that Windows 8 will be released in the month of October or November in the year 2012.

Why People Are So Hyped Regarding the New Windows 8 Theme    

There are several reasons for which people are overexcited with the Windows 8 theme. It has many advanced features than its previous version Windows 7. Few of the hyped features of Windows 8 are mentioned below-

  • Touch facility in Windows 8– Microsoft has introduced in touch facility, in its upcoming Windows 8. All the OS of Microsoft are desktop friendly and for this reason, it first introduced touch property in Windows 7, which became quite hit. So, with this huge success of touch feature in Windows, it has again decided to put the same feature in the upcoming Windows 8.
  • Smooth functioning of Window 8 as compared to Windows 7– It is true that Windows 7 was quite faster than its previous version such as XP or Vista, but Windows 8 will much higher. You will work in a much faster than you used to work in Windows 7. The scroll and touch operation will work in a very smooth manner.
  • Windows 8 features beta– Rumors are there that Windows 8 features beta. Windows 8 with the beta version will make it much advanced than its previous version. So, people and technology experts are quite excited about the release of Windows 8.

The Price of Windows 8 May Be Lesser In OEM

Rumors are there that price of the upcoming Windows 8 may get less. There is a huge difference in the price of this software, when you purchase it from OEM or from retail. The same thing happened with Windows 7, in which the OEM price and Retail price had a huge difference. So, buying OEM Windows 8 will help you to save your money.

Xbox May Be Available In Windows 8

Xbox is a unique app which will help you to watch the movies directly from your iPhone, tablet or your computer. Windows 8 is going to have this feature. Suppose you have downloaded any movie in your iPhone or tablet, and you wish to watch it in your television. You can transfer the movie to your Xbox by pausing the movie and click on the tab button. As soon as you click on tab button, the movie will be transferred to Xbox, and you can watch the movie in it. So, you will experience many new features in your iPhone or iPad, if they are equipped with Windows 8.

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