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Windows 8 to Hit the Markets in the Fall

For those in the PC world, the announcement of Windows 8 and its end of October release date this fall is one of the most exciting things to come along in years. Windows combined features from its past operating systems along with some new and exciting components from smartphones and tablets to bring about a new operating system ready to wow.

What is so exciting about it?

Windows 8 has incorporated a high-definition touch display on its new system. Because of the current popularity of smartphones and tablets, consumers are enjoying and becoming used to the ease of touch screens and are looking for them elsewhere. Windows 8 will now provide this capability on PCs. For those who want the other features of the new operating system but still enjoy a keyboard and mouse, that is also an option. The use and amount of apps is also something users are excited about.

Other Features

One new feature that many consumers are anticipating is that Microsoft will be using Bing as the major search engine on Windows 8. With some new additions, Bing is a user-friendly search engine that consumers are expected to enjoy using.

Another exciting feature is the method used to unlock the device, which will now be possible using the touchscreen and personalized taps and swipes. For instance, instead of typing in a code, the user can choose a picture and set up places to tap and swipe to unlock his screen – very fun and innovative!

Like the popular smartphones, Windows 8 has incorporated notifications on the lock screen. Instead of opening up the whole thing to check, users can see email or other notifications on the lock screen. Obviously, the smart phone/tablet friendliness and ease was taken into consideration with this system.

Other features include faster booting and even a split keyboard app for thumb typers (typing on a smartphone/tablet instead of a keyboard may take over someday, and it is quite another thing than what was learned in typing class!).

Connectivity and Sharing

It is becoming easier and easier to connect with others while on a mobile device. Windows 8 will provide easier sharing of almost anything, whether it is an app or a picture to anyone in the user’s address book; it can be just a click or a tap away. Windows 8 will also utilize cloud sharing, which lets users connect to any other device they have. These things make it easy for people who are connected to share their contacts or anything else they want to pass on.

With technology’s ever-changing and quickly expanding growth, the release of Windows 8 on October 26, 2012 is a highly anticipated event. Users will have new options to enable them to work and social network at faster speeds with more efficiency and ease. Whether it is sharing a product or connecting from one device to another, this will be a chance users can work on their full-size PCs with the ease of tapping on their smartphones and tablets.

Author Bio:- Heather Legg is an author who writes on a variety of topics, including health, Atlanta style and Cincinnati air conditioning.

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