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Windows 8 a Boon for Businesses?

The expert minds at Microsoft have unleashed a new Operating System on to the world. This new version of Windows promises to revolutionize the computer world, combining the best of the burgeoning tablet operating system design with the classic look and feel of Windows.

The Metro design is intuitive

Since the new Microsoft OS grabs design ideas from Tablets and Phones, the new Metro design is easy to navigate. This will help every business train new employees with ease. The design is laid out in a way that is visual, leading to an ease of use that isn’t present in older Microsoft Operating systems. The new OS also boots up faster, which helps every employee start the day without the headaches of the previous Windows loading times.

Windows 8 supports a wide range of hardware

Many will remember the infamous Windows Vista launch. The Operation System wouldn’t work on many computers; this was because Vista wasn’t designed with certain types of hardware in mind. In a business environment, not all computers are cutting edge and new. Windows 8 will run on a variety of hardware, from older personal computers to the new shiny behemoths. Any computer that can run Windows 7 will be able to run the new Microsoft operating system. This should give many business owners a sense of relief when upgrading their operating system.

Enhancements over Windows 7

Windows 8 comes with a list of enhancements and upgrades to help keep a computer running well and safe from attack. These include an upgrade to the USB 3.0 interface, making sure that new USB devices are faster. There is also universal sharing between apps and programs. This means that files can be dragged and dropped in to multiple programs without having to shut these programs down. This will save time for businesses since a person doesn’t have to save, restart, and load to access the same file in a new application.

Sharing across multiple devices

In the new world of business, tablets and smart phones are just as important as a desktop. Windows 8 allows easier sharing between these devices for a more productive workflow. The Metro UI is perfect for tablets and phones and creates a symbiotic relationship with used with the Windows 8 desktop features. These help businesses’ synchronize all the files and work flow with ease among every device. Windows 8 has been built from the ground up for the new business environment so an office can use it on multiple types of devices without losing productivity.

A built in App store

Windows 8 has a built in app store. This feature helps programs download and install at a faster rate than ever before. These apps are guaranteed to work within the Windows 8 environment, no more wondering how a program will function on a machine. This will helps businesses install productivity software faster and on more machines. An app store may not seem like it could help a business, but the integration with Windows 8 makes loading programs and software a breeze.

Author Bio:- Samantha Adkins is a business and financial writer. You can see her work via Bettermerchantaccounts.com

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