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Windows 7 Popular and Useful Applications

I was using Window Vista with Dell Latitude c610 Laptop, but when i bought Dell D620 Core 2 Due i thought to give try to windows 7. Now i am running Windows 7 in my Dell laptop. Windows 7 is more advance, more enhanced, more powerful and more customized as compare to other windows. The features, functions and tools i found in windows 7 are great and superb. I saw lots of great features in windows 7. I also install some useful and popular applications in my windows 7. My Windows 7 is now looking more customized and optimized.

The applications i installed in my Laptop are listed below. These are very useful. If you have also windows 7 in your PC or Laptop then don’t forget to install these applications.

Popular Applications for Windows 7


sette mixer windows 7

This application is use to solve your windows 7 common problems and optimized it for better performance. It can optimize Menu Show Delay, Wait to Kill Server Timeout, Enable Auto End Task, Disable Task Scheduler, Disable Remote Registry Access and Stopping windows etc.


enhancemyse7en application

Although windows 7 much faster then Vista, but still you can make your windows 7 more faster and enhance. This application is very useful to optimize your windows 7. EnhanceMySe7en manage your system registry, defregmantation and installed softwares. In short this is a All in one optimizer application which is very simple and easy to use with windows 7.

Windows 7 Application Launcher

windows 7 application louncher
Launch single and group of applications with single shortcut keys. It support Jump List, Toggle Mode, Pinning, Profiles, Hotkeys, Exceptions and Interactive Thumbnails etc. Optimize your windows 7 for better performance using Windows 7 Application Launcher.


7 stack application
You have notice that in windows 7 there are lots of icons on the desktop. You can easily stack all the icons to a single icon in order to reduce icon clutter. 7 Stack is a easy application to customize your windows 7 Task bar and Desktop. This is completely free and you can use for unlimited days.

Windows 7 Logon Screen Rotator

windows 7 logon screen rotator

This is a useful application to add life to your windows 7. By adding life i mean that you can add your favorite images and photos in a single folder and let windows 7 logon screen rotator rotate all the listed photos on your screen at your specified time.