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Will the Delayed Launch of iPhone 5 Hurt Apple Earnings?

The reports about iPhone 5 have been doing round since months. People are eagerly waiting for the official announcement of iPhone 5.All iPhone previous releases have not been that mind blasting as expectations were higher than the results. In spite of that, Apple earnings never seemed to let the owners down and constantly Apple Inc. earned high sales and profits.

The iPhone 5 was expected to be launched with the new iOS 5 but complications came in the way and that didn’t happen. Actually, what Apple could produce was iPhone 4S.

According to the users and many experts, it was almost a disappointment for them, as they were expecting much more than that. The release of iPhone 4S might cause a delay in the release of the new iPhone 5 since it does not make any sense to roll it out soon after iPhone 4. The new launch would definitely disappoint majority of iPhone 4 users.

If we look at the other side of the situation then we would realize that delaying too much could give a push to Apple earnings because of high expectations and increasing demand with heightening rumors.

The reports have it that the new iPhone 5 will be released with a screen size of up to 4.75” and 4.25”. Maybe, we get to see the latest version with multiple screen sizes to gain more attention from its own customers and customers of competitors.

Apple is known as the leader in the field of innovative technology and it is surely going to put the digital wallet NFC option in the latest version of Apple. There are few reasons to even believe that iPhone 5 would have the 4G technology.

Rumors will keep on circulating until we have the authentic information about release or the launch of the new iPhone 5. Until nothing is sure the rumors would be telling many stories that are hard to believe but even harder to regret.

Author Bio:- Sophia Taylor is a student and basically revoles around technology and writes for all the latest trends in the field of Technology. More over write stuff about iPhone and other Apple products and their earnings as it has a big market around the globe. Working on different blogs is also one of my passions and iPhone is the one big thing that I always look forward to comment and write content related to Apple Earnings.

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  • Cupidf007

    June 11, 2012, 8:51 am

    Without Steve and domination from Android making IOS weaker than ever . So Apple should think ahead of Google to withstand the competition.


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