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Will iPads Replace Laptops in the Near Future?

Few years back, most people had never even heard about iPads but since their launch in April, 2010, they have given a fiercer competition to a highly acclaimed and useful gadget called laptop. After the successful launch of iPads while majority of savvy gurus got busy in writing laptop’s necrology, rest of them got busy in determining its virtual burial site. But still a latest survey claimed that a vast 67% percent of the people are still loyal to Laptops which was not very surprising indeed.

Both the laptop and iPad tablets are light weight, multi-functional and mobile. But most of the experts believe that iPads serve the hunger of people for need of light and small gadgets. So doesiPad provide all the features in a smaller package? Let’s discuss below:

Screen size:

The present iPad screen size is 10’ and we do not see it increasing in the near or far future. Thus, though iPads are suitable enough for the users who are content with flipping text and graphics but for the ones who seek high definition and quality games, laptops are irreplaceable. In addition, if the size of screens is increased then iPads would be another slight modulation of Mac book which is totally unwanted. Thus, the screen size is handy enough if you use iPads for general purposes but for the high end uses, Laptop is the answer.


Though thinner screens and smaller mother boards make iPad much lighter but one fact cannot be neglected that no one, even kids, like to type on small virtual keyboards. For typing Email Id and passwords, iPads would suffice but try to type 10 pages of content on it and you’ll know why Laptops will be essential even after 20 years.

I’ll like to add that many iPad users boast about using Bluetooth keyboards and claim that it solves the complexity associated with the usage of virtual keyboards. But does it really? Bluetooth keyboards contradict with entire light weight usage of Ipads. So instead of carrying an Ipad Tablet and Bluetooth keyboard separately, one piece laptop would be a lot easier to carry and at the same time provide better features. What do you think?


While most of the iPad users would argue that iPads were not really build to have a longer backup powers, it raises a simple question that how does it plan to replace laptop then? While most of the people rely on Laptops for higher speed and capacity, it cannot be neglected that even cheapest and slowest of the laptops today have higher working capacity than iPads.

Storage Capacity:

Users depend on laptops for the storage of a huge pool of information from photographs, videos to high end games. Some of these games require half of the hard disk capacity just to get loaded. So, until the usage of cloud computing becomes as popular as internet, Apple has to work on providing more storage areas on iPads for customers which would indeed be a tricky task, considering the limitation on hard disk size.

The above mentioned points were obtained through a detailed discussion with a leading Computer Sales and service research company which provided me with this valuable insight. While most of the essential points have been discussed, final say is up to you. According per me, everyone use gadgets for different purposes. While some use them to check mails or browse through internet, others require them for more tedious tasks such as writing documents etc.  So a rightful selection can be made as per the requirement.

Author Bio:- Annie writes for http://www.mybusinesscentral.com.au/. Her previous contribution was related to Computer Sales and Service research.

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  • Chris

    October 30, 2012, 10:48 pm

    iPads are good for consumption, they are good for quickly viewing items of interest or finding things out. However, if you want to produce something useful then you need a laptop.


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