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Will Google + Steal the Attention of Facebook Users with the VoIP Service?

Google Plus is the newest kid on the social media block that has created quite a stir on the web as many believe Google expects to attract many Facebook and Twitter users to embrace this new social media platform. In order to attract the attention of social media users, Google + offers its users to interact with their friends through voice conversations with the help of in-built VoIP. Apart from making voice conversations between people possible, Google + also allows its users to create groups called ‘Hangouts’. Although, Facebook allows its users to have one-on-one chat sessions via instant text messaging, but VoIP integrations is one area where Google + has a clear head start over its rival.

How Facebook Is Going to Deal with This?

However, Facebook fans need not hang their shoulders in disappointment because shortly after Google Plus surfaced on the horizon of social media, Facebook also unveiled their plans on a deal that was about to be finalized with Skype about VoIP integration to give Facebook users the option to voice chat with their friends. As the Skype-Microsoft merger is just about to become official, there is still some time before Facebook users will be able to hold video chat sessions through Skype VoIP.

To think of the Facebook-Skype collaboration a knee-jerk reaction to the emergence of Google + would be somewhat unfair because the talk of acquiring VoIP services by Facebook had started long before Google decided to launch its own social media website. Nevertheless, it is hardly a coincidence that the announcement of the deal between Facebook and Skype for video and voice calling services grabbed the media spotlight just as Google Plus was launched.

Whether The Facebook Users Will Switch to Google + ?

The ultimate question every social media guru is busy figuring out an answer for is whether a vast majority of Facebook users will switch over to Google + or not. This really depends on what new Google Plus has to offer to social media users. Honestly speaking, apart from the VoIP service and additional privacy settings, Google + does not offer anything fundamentally new as compared to what Facebook fans are already getting. Facebook has pretty much become the default social media website and has found its rightful place in the daily lives of millions around the world, so Google + would really have to unravel a new dimension of social networking to attract too many Facebook users.

Voice chat option is certainly something that will attract some attention but is it something most social media users really want to have? There is no emphatic ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ in response to this question. As of now, many Facebook users feel that the text messaging feature serves their purpose, but where Google + has dared to walk unchartered territory is to allow joint voice chat sessions between more than two people as opposed to the one-on-one text chat sessions offered by Facebook. As Google + continues to settle down in the social media world, we will get a better idea about its success with the passage of time.

Author Bio:- Umar Shehzad is a writer at zupdates.com, where you can read about the latest technology updates. Most of his articles consist of technological based topics as well as the topics within the social media. Here’s another article written by him about the social media, addiction to social networking.

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