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Will Blizzard Be Bringing Their Games To Linux?

Windows 8 has received less than stellar reviews from much of the gaming industry. They feel that not enough concentration has been placed on the organization of the Windows 8, and it is a mess to try to develop programs to match the OS. This has led a lot of people to wonder if game developers such as Blizzard may choose to go a different path with their gaming development and begin to move away from such places as Windows.

The History

Blizzard and Windows have had a strong relationship for years. Blizzard’s relationship with windows has been so strong that they have not developed patches for their top selling games such as Diablo and World of Warcraft to allow them to be downloaded on a Linux system. Many people use a Wine program in order to download these games on a Linux system, but Blizzard found a way to ban them.

blizzard game

There have been rumors that Blizzard was in private talks for developing versions of their top games that could be solely used on a Linux system, but nothing has ever come to light. Linux has made many claims in regards to the Blizzard games, but almost nothing seems to ever happen with the development of them.

Blizzard is a seriously strong staple in the gaming nation. Diablo and World of Warcraft are two of the most addictively strong games that have ever been created in the computer gaming world, and neither one of them were built for the Linux OS. They tie in everything that is great about a computer game such as continuous challenges, excellent graphics, a great storyline, and a lot of fantasy.

world warcraft

Blizzard Games

Blizzard is the creator of some of the most well known computer games on the market. Blizzard is really not happy with the development of Windows 8, set to release sometime in March 2012, and should they decide to leave Windows and change their loyalty to Linux, Windows users could lose games such as:

  • Diablo Franchise- The Diablo franchise has just recently released its 3rd installment. It takes place decades after the 2nd installment, and you will return to the homeland in order to battle evil once again. The 3rd installment was just released in May, but Blizzard may choose to release its next installment strictly through Linux.
diablo game
  • World of Warcraft Franchise- WOW has had a number of expansion packs, the most recently released being the Mists of Pandaria. WOW can be argued as one of the most well recognized names in computer gaming. This latest installment will provide a fresh new area that can either provide salvation or a new area for battle. WOW users are quite loyal, and only time will tell how many would move to Linux should Blizzard decide to shift.
warcraft game
  • Starcraft Franchise- Starcraft, like WOW, has multiple expansion packs. The latest one under development is the Heart of the Swarm. You believe that the enemy has been neutralized, but has it really? The Strarcraft franchise is probably one of the smaller of Blizzard’s main brands, but it still would pack quite a punch should Blizzard choose to move it to Linux.

Blizzard has not publically mentioned anything that would hint that they would begin to move away from Windows. Blizzard has stated that they were not impressed with the development of Windows 8, and there have been rumors that they may have an interest in dealing with Linux, but it will most likely be far in the distant future before Blizzard would completely turn its back on the Windows system.

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