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Why your Business needs a Phone Number?

Customer satisfaction is the key for any business success and customer support service is one of the major factors which can help your business succeed. By providing your customers with a memorable telephone number which is cheap or free to call to, you can attend to their needs better which should help you boost your company’s reputation. For example in a web hosting industry customers often look for a reliable support service. If a customer support team is there to help you 24×7 you are more likely to opt for this company when choosing your hosting provider.

Phone Support

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The preferred way of contact for most customers is through phone because it is the fastest way to resolve any issues. If your business has 0845 or 0800 numbers then customers can contact the support department any time. Some customers prefer Live Chat support but one needs to stay in a queue in order to get connected with a sales or customer support person. Therefore, having both effective phone and live chat support helplines is essential for many businesses.

Having a dedicated business phone line may be more expensive than having an ordinary local telephone number. But it brings so many benefits to your business that it makes it a worthwhile investment. Here are some advantages of 0800 and 0845 telephone numbers:

  • Call management solutions
  • Numbers are portable which means you do not have to change your phone number if your business moves locations
  • Call response rate monitoring
  • Calls can be redirected to other numbers (even to mobiles)

You can also reduce the cost of your telephone bill by selecting a cheaper VOIP service provider. Voice over IP which is basically calling over the internet has now become more popular than traditional phone lines because it provides cheaper service with outstanding quality. You can visit Telecoms World plc website for more information on IP telephony.

Depending on your company budget and size you can either select a traditional phone line or enhanced VoIP service. However it is important that your business has a customer support department providing assistance to new and existing clients over the phone.

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  • Rashmi Sinha

    March 30, 2013, 8:37 pm

    Picking a phone and connecting to the business is still the best and easy way that help a business to expand in no time.
    Hence getting a number that is easy to manage and forming a model around it is a great way for better business prospect.

    Great Info!!! NOTE TAKEN


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