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Why You Should Outsource your SEO?

The power of Internet content marketing cannot be understated. It’s quite clear that if you want your business to thrive, boosting your company’s visibility in search engine results pages is the best way forward, which is where Search Engine Optimization comes in.

Of course, you’re going to have to make the decision whether to try and boost your presence in-house, or simply outsource it to an SEO agency. Aside from the obvious reasons of time and difficulty, we’ve outlined a few more important points that you may want to consider before you decide to take responsibility for you website’s search optimisation yourself.

Focus on your strengths; let someone else worry about SEO

There’s simply no sense in taking on the responsibility of making sure your website ranks as high as possible on search engines unless your business is well-established and blessed with plenty of man hours. There’s just too much to take care of. When you hire an SEO agency, all of their focus is on your website.

They will be on top of all the new trends and strategies to keep your website’s rankings high, and have the expertise to monitor your search performance and alter their strategy.

SEO is a fast-changing arena and SEO agencies are equipped to deal with changes. On the other hand, if you were doing it yourself, it would take far too much time to train and be ready for all the changes that are going to happen.

SEO is a continuous process

A lot of people think that SEO is a one-off process that will instantly boost their website’s rankings. This is not true.

Firstly, it takes a while for your website to start heading up the ranks. Secondly, SEO is something that needs to be performed over a period of time. Changes in the way search engines rank sites – which are always being made – need to be responded to. SEO content needs to be produced regularly and link-building schemes enacted to stay ahead of your competition.

This is time consuming, and can be complex, so let your staff can focus on your business, rather than search marketing.

It’s cheaper in the long run

When working with an agency, you’ll have the security of knowing that you have trained experts working at your search marketing for you.

Think about the costs if you undertook this task yourself. You’d have to train your staff, and then re-train your staff to keep up with the ever-changing landscape or to make up for staff leaving.

It’s sometimes best to have an outside perspective

In-house SEO marketing is slightly dangerous in that your other marketing campaigns may affect it adversely. Ideally, what you want is a group of experts coming up with what they think is an effective SEO campaign for you.

SEO experts will have more skills, experience and control over your search marketing campaign, and will be knowledgeable in regard to beating competitors.

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  • Chris @ how much cost

    February 13, 2013, 9:11 pm

    Thanks for the post Bilal. I couldn’t agree more, outsourcing SEO makes perfect sense. When I started out online I would spend countless hours trying to do all the SEO myself and found that at the end of the day my time was better spent learning the fundamentals but getting others to to the time consuming tasks


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