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Why you Should Make a Diary for Your Blog?

Blogging over time have played many roles in the world of internet, time to time it has changed its shape with the advancement of internet and its users.

Blogging was initially came into action to represent thoughts ,views and only professional writers generally use to write articles. Ten years back ,when blogging was new to internet there were hardly few bloggers who use to write as per their hobby and interest.

But with time, things have changed with blogging. Now blogging is not limited to Hobbies or interest. Blogging has now took a new shape. Gone were those days when blogging was just a hobby or interest.

Now a days blogging is taken seriously in fact from last some years blogging have totally shifted from hobbies to profession. Blogging is now a profession, there are thousands of bloggers who are working only on blogging as their profession.

Let’s have a look on the parameters which have changed over time.

  • Blogging from hobbies to profession
  • Money
  • competition
  • Techniques
  • SEO
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Reputation
  • Use of Tools & software

Now when you see the above lists you can imagine how tough a blogging can be and how many things you have to do to run a blog.

When we think about above list to do to run a blog than the first thing which comes into our mind is how to Manage these things and When this question comes to your mind than Shorya Bist is standing right away in front of you with a solution. LoL, Jokes apart The solution is simple you have to manage it in away that every action of yours is under your count.

Why you need a diary for a blog?

I think it is now clear to you that why you need a diary for your blog, answer is simple to manage your every action and making strategies.

Initially when I started Blogging I never gave importance to making dairy or paper work, but as soon as I get deep into sea of blogging, I realized that there should be some diary that will make my work more manageable.

How can you use a diary?

Check out the list of things you can do with a diary. Below is a list of things I do with a diary but it may differ with yours. So have a look and make out what goes with your Blog-

Strategies and Planning

You can easily make your plans for your blogs using a diary. You can make your strategies with a proper way which will help you know your every action.

Tracking – Growth, Response (reader interest)

You can make a sheet of things counting growth of your blog.
-Alexa Rank
-Page Rank
-Bounce rate etc..

You can make a print of analytics report of monthly growth of your blog and attach with your dairy.

Daily or weekly Task

A Diary can play a great role in tracking your daily or weekly tasks. By writing tasks into your diary makes you easy to know what exactly you are doing and what you need to do. From my personal experience I am telling you it helps a blogger a lot to do things fast and easily. Try it and see the magic.

Here I Want to ask a question to the one who Writes their daily task -Have you ever noticed that one day you missed to write the tasks and when that day ended you realized that you have done very less work comparatively to that day when you have written the tasks. It happened with me that’s why I know the importance of my diary.

Monthly or yearly Task

It is very important to write a Monthly Or Yearly task .This will help you a lot to end your work on time. You can make task suitable with your time schedule. But I advise you, don’t make any big task that you won’t be able to achieve because it will let you down if you are not able to achieve. Instead go with the flow and capabilities.

Keyword List

You can make a list of keywords you want to target. Initially i just try to remember it in my mind but I forget it day or after day. For this I think one should make a list of keywords.

Ideas List

You can make a list of Ideas that strike to your mind. I would suggest you to write as soon as you have got any idea no matter it is a good idea or just a hint or clue.

Advantages of making a diary


Now I think you have got an idea how important a diary can be to mange tasks, schedule work etc.It saves a lot of time ,keep you focused on the things you have to do.


Can play a good role in tracing your blog/Website growth. You can also track those things which are not working for you it may be any strategies or any part of work that is going waste.


By managing diary and paper work ,it will give you feel of professionalism. Not only for your satisfactory it will work when you have to deal with some client for ads, sponsors or may be when you are having deal for share links etc..

Your Opinion

This was it from my side I hope I conveyed you my message now it’s your turn. Feel free to discuss on the topic. You can add up some more information which I may forgot to write, you can share your experience on topic, anything you can share. Let’s see how a your diary relates me and my diary relates you.

Author Bio:- Myself Shorya bist, I write a blog “Youthofest” on thrilling and exciting things that relates Youth.

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  • Amrish Singh

    February 12, 2013, 1:07 pm

    Making diary is always good for every work . By that you may note your ideas , plans and implement them to your work . By doing you will never forgot the changes need for your business and make the road of success .


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