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Why You Should Consider Color Psychology When Designing Your Website

Majority of web designers create pages that look good or nice based on their personal judgment. This is essentially true since most of the websites are personally owned by bloggers or individual entities. But if you will try to notice the websites designed by companies and organizations, most are excellently designed, professional-looking, and are very enticing to visit more often. Aside from their content, images, or videos, integration of color psychology is one key secret.

Color psychology deals with how persons perceive and react to colors and how these reactions eventually modify their habits, in this case, on their browsing activities. When the principles of color psychology are applied in web design, it simply means that the web master or designer is creating pages that will appeal to the website’s target audience. It primarily deals with effective color combination and usage.

The importance of color psychology to web design

Effective color combination when designing websites helps in achieving the following goals.

–          Creating the best looking website. Most websites have the goal of providing information and knowledge to its readers. Some are created as e-commerce sites for generating sales revenues. And a best looking website is often considered least of the objectives. But building the best looking website is both rewarding and fulfilling. The benefits can range from visitor compliments, mentions or citations, up to your main goal of attracting more online visitors.

–          Increasing web visitors. Although effective color combination is not directly related to SEO or page optimization, the benefit is experienced in an indirect manner. Since you have created one of the best looking websites, your website will be noticed and the word about its great design will eventually spread. These can come in the form of links or perhaps, actual website visitors.

–          Capturing the attention of your target audience. Ever wonder why game websites are colored in vibrant shades of yellow, gold, orange, and yellow green? Because in color psychology, these are the livelier, fun, and energetic colors. These game websites are among the best examples of how effective color combination in terms of web design can become very effective in catching the attention of the target audience or visitors.

–          Improving the browsing duration of each visitor. Another important benefit that color psychology can contribute to the success of the website concerns the duration of each visit. SEO experts know that the longer visitors and readers stay on you website, the more valuable and important you are from search engine perspectives. If your website colors and designs are enticing and appropriate for your intended audience, visitors will certainly spend extra time on navigating through your web pages. On the other hand; if your web page is poorly colored and designed, a visitor may immediately leave however interesting your content or topic is.

Choosing your website’s color scheme

From the explanations cited above, you may already have an idea on the color and color combinations that should be implemented in your website. The choice will usually revolve around the niche or website concept, your target audience, and the mood or feeling you want your audience or readers experience. For example, if your website is all about butterflies, isn’t it just appropriate to make use of light, livelier colorful schemes?

Finally, it won’t hurt if you can consult your color choices to expert web designers or just simply ask for opinions from relatives and friends.

Author Bio:- This informative article was written by: Corey Davis Philipski of the professional Naples SEO team at TAG Media group.

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