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Why You Should Care About the New Foursquare

Foursquare is a smartphone application that makes patronizing businesses enjoyable for many people. It is like an electronic loyalty program for customers who are trying to outdo each other by checking in the most. It leverages the social networker’s natural curiosity through broadcasting the location and the name of the business where they or their friends are presently located. Using a mobile device, anyone can comment on their location, update where they are and recommend services or businesses to their network of friends.

With its new “Explore” feature, Foursquare can help users make the most of their travels. This discovery tool provides recommendations based on their location and check-in history. It also allows users to browse locations by category, time and popularity of the place in question.

Aside from broadcasting the users’ locations, this trendy social application also allows them to earn coupons, badges, points and even titles. It enables them to make recommendations, encourages them to comment about where they are, and issues warnings and advice about the businesses you visit.

With its addictive and powerful features, Foursquare has now become a valuable tool for many web marketers. Many businesses take advantage of this distinctive social media platform, making the most of its growing influence over the social networking industry. Through smartphones and other mobile devices, users of Foursquare can look for exciting places to relax, enjoy listening to music, drink, eat and develop their cultural perspectives. On the other hand, Foursquare allows web marketers to participate in this enjoyable form of communication to help boost business traffic. It allows them to reach new marketplaces while at the same time engaging with current and potential customers. There are several different ways that businesses can benefit from Foursquare as a web marketing and promotion tool.

Foursquare allows web marketers to create and promote irresistible offers like discount coupons for their business. This helps increase the loyalty of existing customers while at the same time attracting new ones. Hence, it strengthens and builds the company’s customer base both immediately and over time. Providing special offers to Foursquare users makes them feel rewarded for visiting the business.

Foursquare also enables web marketers to monitor their customer’s foot traffic by giving them easy access to statistics through the dashboard. It helps them evaluate the progress of their campaigns and determine which ones work and which ones do not work. Foursquare also comes with an analytics system that enables businesses to track their special offers. This system is updated in real time and allows businesses to view their most frequent visitors, most recent visitors, time and day when people check in, customers’ demographic statistics, the total number of new visitors and the total number of check-ins that were shared with Twitter and Facebook friends. This provides detailed insights on how to connect with the target audience or customers in the most effective possible way.

In general terms, the biggest advantage of using social media to market a business is that it helps build relationships and foster communication with existing and potential customers. This brings the customers one step closer to a business, increasing the likelihood that they will support that business when a need arises.

Author Bio:Guest post contributed by Charles Dearing. Charles is a freelance tech writer and webhost expert. He keeps tabs on all the latest hosting news and follows all the popular webhosts.Visit the site to learn more.

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  • cindar

    July 13, 2012, 11:01 am

    hi bilal,foursquare is great application in indonesia here we have “nusantara beta” which have the similar function to foursquare. maybe you may have to try this application since it free to use for everyone


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