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Why You Need to Be Attentive While Optimizing Your Website?

Nowadays, SEO has become necessary for all business owners. As everyone knows SEO is a great way to promote an online business, get viewed by different people and increase your website visibility. It is one of the greatest resources to promote your brand and make people aware of your business. For this purpose, you must optimize your website well to get searched easily by people. I am going to share some necessary tactics to be followed while optimizing your website. Let me start with the basics.

What is website optimization and why you need it?

Website optimization is a process of making your website fully perfect or as effective as possible.  Website optimization is a significant factor for attracting people to your website and has good interaction with them. It is the only key for your website to get ranked well in natural search results. Website optimization always depends on your company’s goals and which audience are you looking for. Different people look for different kind of optimizations. It’s generally based on their requirement. If they only want themselves to be more social and get more followers they could only focus on social media optimization. Some people only focus on conversion optimization for more leads. The websites which are not optimized, do not rank and fail to attract people.

For whom you need to optimize your website?

After reading this question lots of people will say that we need to optimize our website for search engine or Google. But of course not; we should optimize website for visitors rather than search engines. Now the question that comes to your mind is, why? It is because the people who visit our websites or come across our website will buy our service or product. Search engines are not going to buy anything from our website. So you must give priority to your buyers first while you optimize your website.

User Friendly Website

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Optimize Your Website with the below given key points:-

1)       Understand Buyer persona

2)       Build Your website and user experience that speaks to them as well as search engine

#1: Understand Buyer persona

To get visitors who are looking for things that are related to your website, you must understand the visitors’ buyer persona. Let me define what it is? A person who is the key buyer of your company’s products & services. A buyer persona includes demographic, psychological and behavioural components of a buyer. You have to optimize your website like it talks to your visitors. You must have to fulfil their requirements while they come to your website by any queries. Create your posts, offers in the language which your website visitors use. For example, if a person looking to buy SEO services for his website can search various terms like SEO or best SEO services or else Hire SEO expert. So you must have to understand how you could be helpful to your website visitors’ queries that they are looking for.

#2: Build your website and user experience that speaks to them as well as the search engine

While creating your website you must consider your buyer persona first. Like I said earlier, you need to create your website so that it seems that it is interacting with the users who come across to your website for anything. Make your visitors feel better by providing the perfect information they are looking for. Make a better and world class user experience website. Give a feeling to your users that you understand them and you care for them. You need to think like a user while doing any changes on your website. Search engines should always be the second priority after the users. You need to use an effective, fresh and quality content; create powerful landing pages and also focus on other elements which are essential to get a good rank for your website in search engines.

Be focused and take care of your campaign:

There are many people who are doing the same online businesses. Apparently, everyone will not rank on the top searches. Companies which optimize their websites better and promote it in good manner always get ranked well in search engines. If you are not optimizing your website properly you are not focusing well on your investments. Without a well optimized website you are not going to rank well. You will not be able to fulfil your company’s goals desired by your website. There will be no better conversions without a user-friendly website.


Develop buyer persona first while optimizing your website. Invest in building user-friendly website and optimize your keywords to attract search engines. Keep your visitors there on your website once they get there.

Author Bio:- Myself Sanket Patel the Founder of Blurbpoint.com, a leading SEO Company since 2006. I am a good researcher of Internet Marketing, Brand Development, Online Reputation Management & Search Engine Optimization Tech­niques. 


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  • Khushboo

    June 21, 2013, 3:44 pm

    Hi Bilal,
    Thanks for sharing such informative post.
    Yes, i strongly agree with you Bilal, while optimizing one’s website, firstly one should develop buyer persona and invest in building user-friendly website in order to keep the visitors there on the website once they get there.

  • Ramesh

    May 7, 2013, 4:00 pm

    Very nice Bilal, but what to do if the theme is quite uncommon. Once a client has given me a website for adult diaper, I did not listen such a thing before. I was about to start work on it, but client cancelled the project.
    I saved your points for further work.

  • ankur

    May 7, 2013, 12:30 pm

    it’s important information for us..thnx Bilal ji


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