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Why You Aren’t Doing Enough to Make Your Website Pop

It’s easy to make a website: There are hundreds of free website generators all over the Internet to help you publish a business site in just an hour or two. However, it is definitely not easy to make an effective website, one that promotes your business well and helps drive sales to generate profits. It is not easy to make your website popular.

An online presence is essential to modern business success, but most businesses are severely underperforming when it comes to activity on and around the Web. Here are six easy mistakes that make online success incredibly hard.

You Aren’t Building Relationships

The Internet is a conversation, and the ultimate goal of most conversations is to develop a relationship ― in this case, a profitable company-customer relationship. However, cultivating relationships online is more that publishing content; the process takes time and requires trust and respect from all parties. If you aren’t striving to build relationships with your website, you will not find online success.

Of course, customers should not be the only targets for relationships. You can also make alliances with other brands and publishers that have a larger audience than you. You should establish strong, mutually beneficial relationship groups, which might be easier with the help of a performance exchange company.

You Aren’t Using Your Money Well

You could have a million-dollar budget for your website, but if you aren’t intelligently allocating your funds, you will still be an online failure. It is possible to build and manage your website on your own, but that doesn’t mean you should. Professional Web designers have the talent and experience to create a digital space perfect for your business, and their rates are usually entirely reasonable for the quality of their product. The same can be said for professional social media managers and other online gurus. Instead of wasting your resources with DIY methods, you should just hire a professional.

You Aren’t Concerned With Conversion

You, like most other modern entrepreneurs, know all about the importance of link-building and content-publishing ― but while you devote all your time and resources to compiling listicles and doodling infographics, you might have forgotten the most important aspect of moving your business online: sales.

Your website should have a layout designed to convince your visitors to buy something. There should be plenty of information around your site explaining your products, and the architecture should always have a check-out equivalent button in sight. You can find other tips to improve conversion here.

You Aren’t Listening to Your Customers

Listening to Your CustomersThis issue harkens back to the first problem we tackled. You are on the Web to have a conversation with your potential customers ― and anyone else who wants to talk ― but conversations do not last if they are one-sided. When you publish content, you should expect and encourage your audience to respond; more than that, you should read their responses and react. You may be ignorant of some offensive statement in your content, or you may have unknown page loading errors; you may even be doing exactly what your readers want, but you won’t know until you listen.

Feedback is the only way to survive on the ever-changing tides of the Internet, and you should try to collect as much of it as possible. Social media is perhaps the best forum for feedback, but you can also regularly collect data through email or site surveys.

You Aren’t Focused on Security

As more and more businesses are attacked by hackers eager for easy financial information, customers are becoming savvier about where they input their payment information. You must earn your customers trust before they will buy anything on your site, which means you must be confident in the security of your payment system. There are a number of safeguards to protect both yourself and your customers from attack, and you should employ as many as possible for a positive reputation. If your customers don’t trust your site with their information, then no matter how interested in your product or services, they won’t convert.

You Aren’t Following Trends

Though the Web itself is not alive, the billions of humans who use it are, and the influence each person exerts causes the Internet to constantly shift and change. Your customers are altering their tastes every week or two, and you must be aware of their new preferences in order to cater to them. Your website should have a new look every few months to maintain audience interest, and your content should always be aware of current fads. With the right combination of trendiness, strategic selling, and easy conversation, you will have a popping website.

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