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Why to Have SEO and SMO Both Together for a Successful Blog?

The actual worth of the Internet is increasing greatly with each passing day as far as marketing is concerned. The speed and simplicity that the web world provides to connect a business with customers are just amazing. So, in order to have successful blog or site, it is best to use both search engine optimization and social media optimization. This way, you will be able to rule the online marketing world.

Why the combination?

A blog requires both SEO as well as SMO to be successful and highly rated. Though both techniques are distinct concepts, we can see that there lies an area where these two merge with one another. In all, both SMO and SEO strive to attract traffic, higher rankings, popularity and site success.


As SMO brings in success in a short span of time, SEO gets in longer lasting success. This is the main reason that a blend of both is highly essential to have a successful blog or site. This will further result in fast growth and longer lasting span for the blog.

Relevant and quality content that is original and useful is the most important factor in SMO and SEO. Both techniques require content for crawling the search spiders or the traffic who will hook on to a page.

While SEO is optimization of the blog or site, SMO helps in interacting with the group of people through social networking sites. SEO helps to connect to the target base through being search engine friendly. SMO, on the other hand, brings in huge amount of traffic in a short span of time.

SMO and SEO for grabbing the attention- but how?

SMO is indeed done in order to impress the visitors or customers while SEO is carried out to leave a good impression on the search engine crawlers or spiders. So, for SMO, you need to write the attractive content that can grab the attention of the social media. But in SEO, one requires writing the content with proper use of the keywords, phrases to attract the attention of search engine crawlers.

The main aim behind both SEO and SMO is actually to enhance the traffic to a blog or site thereby helping the business to grow. However the main question lies as to when to begin and what to start? Solution is simple and straightforward. One needs to start the SEO first in order to make sure that there is page visibility and then move towards SMO so that at the time when the SMO users look for your company or business, you have powerful web presence in popular search engines.

Combine both for great results

Actually using SMO, one can create the personal feel and appeal that is otherwise tough to be created by SEO alone. In other words, SMO offers the chance to talk to the clients and customers on a personal level and solve all their questions or queries in order to get more business. At the same time, it is also imperative to have visibility in the search engines and that is possible with effective SEO.

Thus, a blend of both SMO and SEO is a great way to grow the business and have a successful blog/site. What actually makes the online marketing plan a successful one is the smart synergy of SEO and SMO.

About Author:- This Post is written by Ankit from SeoEaze. SeoEaze is New Delhi, India based SEO firm which provides Complete Link Building Solution which includes many Link Building Services like Article Submission Service & More.

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  • Adil

    June 19, 2012, 11:47 am

    Great. I thinks it is very important for the new bloggers like me to understand the difference between SEO & SMO. Only than one can adopt different tactics for both

  • The Digital Dashboard

    May 15, 2012, 2:34 pm

    nice pints .. u shud have be more engaged to the readers of your blog through social media ……..


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