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Why the Nexus 7 is not just another Android Tablet

Google’s been busy. On the day of their I/O 2012 event’s opening, they effectively took over tech blogs across the internet with a slew of exciting news. Project Glass, Android Jelly Bean and Google+ saw major announcements – but most importantly of all, the Nexus 7 was unveiled.

google nexus 7

This was the long-awaited ‘Google tablet’. It’s taken Google 14 months from the release of their first Android tablet platform (3.0 Honeycomb) to their own entry into the market, in partnership with ASUS. But the time is right for their move: Android tablets have not achieved the kind of success that their phone brethren have enjoyed, and Amazon threaten to set a precedent for the forking of Android with the success of their Kindle Fire.

Chicken-and-egg problem

But the Nexus 7 is not just another Android tablet. These devices have never suffered because of their hardware – the Samsung Galaxy Tab is delightfully thin and light, while the ASUS Transformer Prime is sleek and useful – but for their software. Google has recognised the chicken-and-egg problem of Android tablets: developers won’t develop for a platform without users, and customers won’t buy into a platform without developers. They think they’ve solved it, with an aggressive pricing strategy that puts the basic 8GB Nexus 7 at less than half the price of an iPad, but with few hardware compromises.

Now, consumers will see a powerful tablet at a reasonable price backed by a brand they know. Google is so keen to grab a slice of this market that they’re taking a small loss on every device sold, by some estimates. They know that if they can build the market share of Android tablets, the developers will come with renewed enthusiasm, and with more tablet apps available, more users will be willing to buy into the Android ecosystem.

This is why every Android tablet owner should be delighted at the announcement of the Nexus 7. Its success, which it is perfectly placed to achieve, would give Android tablets a second wind – and could just change the face of the tablet market for good.

Author Bio:- Mark E. Stuart is a technophile with interest in all things sleek and shiny. He is currently enamoured with Google’s new tablet, and his site Nexus 7 News aims to inform on that topic. Of the articles he has written on the topic, his list of Nexus 7 apps is most recommended.

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