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Why Should I Choose Windows 8?

Windows 8 is now officially released by Microsoft in the market and more and more people are getting excited and interested to this new operating system but the big question is why should you upgrade? Read on to know some of the reasons why Windows 8 can be a good option.

Innovative Windows

Windows 8 is considered as the finest versions of Windows according to experts in the field of information technology after they have tried the Windows 8 Developer Sample. Most of the reviews are positive. This is an indication that Microsoft has created a masterpiece. Additionally, the Windows 8 is expected to be one of the best operating system applicable for users who require more convenient and useful OS.

It is Cheap

One of the primary reasons why you need to choose Windows 8 is not just for its exemplary features and benefits but for being affordable. This is one of the goals of Microsoft, to simply provide products that can be afforded, wherein market A, B and C can surely avail this new window.

When you download Windows 8 via online, the only cost is $39.99 only. This is great because it is just only a fraction of some versions of Windows. When you choose to have a disk as an installer, the disk only cost $69.99 only. This is a great savings for many users who are on a tight in budget.

Compatible for any Device

As compared to earlier versions of Windows, it is not possible for you to use such operating system for devices like iPhones, Tablets and other related devices. On the other hand, with Windows 8, it is not an issue anymore. Meaning, Windows 8 is not just an operating system for computers and desktop.


Windows 8 is considered as the most secured versions of Windows. This is because they use a highly specialized technology that blocks the hackers and viruses to enter the system freely. When you use it to upgrade Internet Explorer 10, except that your surfing is safe and speedy.

Fast Booting

One of the advantages of Windows 8 offers fastest booting, it means it can able to boot quickly as compared to previous editions of Windows. This is because Microsoft uses new technology that allows this OS to boot faster.

Lastly, before you upgrade your computer to Windows 8, it is very essential to check your system specification first. This is very significant because without checking the specification required for upgrading then it is not possible for you to install this new version of Windows.

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