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Why SEO is an important Marketing Topic

There are literally millions of websites online and if yours is one of them, you want it to be found. For this to happen, it has to be optimized for search engines. Search engine optimization can be described as the process of making your webpage, website and general online presence more visible through the use of a search engine like Google .The higher your page is ranked, the more chances that it will appear on the top list in the results and more visitors are likely to visit the page. SEO may be targeted at different searches like video, image, academic and even local searches. When you want to know whether SEO is effective, just check the position of your page on the search engine results page by searching for a particular keyword or you can use the key performance indexes.

SEO Effects Everyone

Whether you are just a business owner or a student working toward a marketing degree, you cannot undermine the importance of SEO in marketing. SEO has emerged as one of the sales methods that can be used by online business because it is effective, if done properly, and it is also cost effective. If you are looking to boost your brand reputation and increase your online presence, this is a verified and reputable method that you can take advantage of.

SEO is very important in the marketing of any online product or services because without it; your website will probably not be viewed, ranked or even make a profit. Search engines make use of spider like networks to browse through the content of your website and depending on the design and quality of the website; it will be ranked in the search results. If you need to be ranked higher, then your website need to be designed for SEO and the content should make use of SEO writing. Good SEO means that you will give the search engine something to pay attention to on your site while it’s doing its searching and that is the only way visitors will get to your page.

Consequences of a Non-SEO Optimized Strategy

To understand the importance of SEO in marketing, here is what will most likely happen if your site is not SEO friendly;

  • Your site will not be indexed or ranked.
  • If it is ranked, it will not be high in the search engines.
  • If it is not visible then internet users will not be able to visit your page.
  • Due to the low traffic, no advertisers will want to advertise on your site.
  • You will make little or no online revenue.

Based on specific keywords and how they are used in web content, SEO as a marketing tool has the potential to generate good traffic and consequently good online revenue. It is crucial not just to be ranked higher in the search engines but to also maintain your current position. To do this, you have to constantly update your content and get new keywords so as to generate new traffic. Another plus for using SEO is that it is cost effective compared to  paid adverts on the internet because the only fees you will be paying will be that of maintaining your site.

Every business or service that has a website will need to make use of SEO as a marketing tool to enable them generate traffic and appear in at least the first 5 pages of a search engine and to maintain the position. Otherwise having the website will be of no use if it will not generate revenue.

Author Bio:- Brianna has completed her bachelor’s in Marketing and currently works as an Internet Marketing Specialist, helping to make the internet a better place.

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